A new thing !

I clearly do not have any music background since my parents have no intention of sending me to learn piano or so on due to financial and time management constraint. 

One thing for sure is, I always fancy and jealous to those people who can play music instruments so well. Especially those who can play different types of musical thing. 

I said that before I came here, I wanted to take violin lesson during my uni life. However, as I am the kind of person who give up so easily when there are obstacles or crocked road in front of me, I did not learn or even buy myself a violin. Actually I prefer piano more since it is easier but it is quite impossible for me to get a keyboard in my own room and make all the noises in my hostel. So I do not even pay any attention to this music thingy.

THEN, two days ago, I bought myself a guitar! I have this thought of playing ukulele in my mind at first but in the end, I ended up with a PINK guitar in my hands. It is not expensive though, I got it for RM150 including the stand. Affordable to me ^^

And today, I can roughly know "D chord" by my youtube teacher; Justin. XD
I have downloaded his videos and I will need it from time to time!
I hope I can play a song very quickly since I am a fast learner and fast forgeter. LOL

* * *

School today has been pretty funny to me. I went to school almost late because I found a dead cockcroach inside my converse and shocked me to the heck ==!!!

So I rushed into room B211, I thought B211A and B211B will be connected to each other. I went into B211B and I get myself the chair and table from another classroom since the class is full. I sat inside there and listened for at least 5 minutes and only realised I should be in another class ! ==!!!

Walked out and went to the right class. Well I see my friends faces there. Luckily the lecturer was good enough and I have no grouping problem. Thank God. My papaya went to internship and left me which I am so so so sad since she did not accompany me to be group-less. 

Anyway, today is still a good day for me because I learnt my D chord for at least 1 hour and still not get used to move my ring finger further and my fingers sore now. Eventhough, class get cancelled for unexplainable reason. 

Pictures ! 

Forgive me for the not proper attire! I was in my pyjamas already when I thought of blogging this! Forgive me for the awkward last finger I have there! xD

Proudly presents my pink guitar. It is PINK PINK PINK U KNOW?!
I will play a song very soon ! I believe that ! >.< It will be good if there is someone who can play together and teach me !


vivian said…
I know there's one person who can play guitar with you :) And u know him well too. It's our Mr.Yeo Jinrong!!! hahahaha
Meowmeow Qian said…
HAHAHHAH!! he is master please, I think he will knock my head until bruised if he play with me >.<

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