Nothing in this world worth having comes easy

____________________ It was raining. I felt cold. Cold as physically cold as well as the heart was cold enough to freeze a 100C water. My heart froze to a state that it could not hold on any longer anymore ! It was pain, a pain that started from no where. No physically injured. No blood oozing out from the artery nor vein. The body could not hold on to this kind of pain anymore. The only way to release this unknowingly kind of hurt was,TO CRY.

Few drops of tears oozing rigorously, continuously, unconsciously, out from the corner of the both eyes. It was a relieve.I saw the blurry reflection of myself in the mirror. The pain had subsided. It was a relief. There was someone, something in the brain that was telling me "It will be over soon, my dear." I heard comforting words in my mind.Repeatedly___.

Tear glands were stopping their violent activities because of the voice in my mind. All these happened in 3 minutes. I was glad again because of the voice that telling my mind,my heart, my brain. Because all that I know that it was, you.

HELLO ! I am back with multi shots of me and Mr H. I look like a mature, demure, sophiscated and cheerful WOMAN right ? While Mr H look nothing like a kid who suits me so well :P 

Actually he is more mature than me despite his weird expressions in front of the cam!He is 40 actually.


"When you feel alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers, remember that in those spaces you can see my fingers locked with yours forever."


WHarngY said…
Old is Gold!
My heart is always young! that why the dance comes after that. LOL

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