Do you trick or treat ?

Little rose, do you feel red ? 
Obviously the title says that it is going to be a Halloween post. Halloween is over because it's half past 12 already. Maybe not in NY. ahhaha. What is NY pop out here so suddenly ? no idea.

Anyway, this is just another update from me. Well, if anyone cares to read. I bet there is =P
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I. Personal life

This week has been..... ugh. Nothing better, it is all just normal ! I realised that I did not go out for dinner just because I am a homey girl. LOL. Ohh, I went out yesterday with banana to Tesco and had sushi king for dinner ! Well that did not count. Ahaha. It is a good day out for updates and gossips ("It is sinful," I always remember this sentence because my bible teacher told us this and was quite shocked about it, but anyhow, I still do it :/ )

On the other hand, today I went out with a couple and another friend for a movie ! She just went to the cinema for the first time. I was quite shocked about it but well, I should hang out more with her. (Some kind of inner voice telling me).

---- I thought I will not be watching "night" movie (so dangerous for girls) anymore this semester because Mr H is not here. But well, I did. ----

So, I was quite bored with my food pictures because it looks the same so I did not take any photos this week. Maybe because I was overwhelmed by the notes and books that are on my pending reading list !

II. School
---- I met my gentleman advisor and it was pretty smooth and good because I have improved ! And I joined some activities (self satisfaction) for the record. Hahahaha. I wish to improve more and show him that I can do it better so that he will look at me with "WOW" that kind of face hahaha. I love people looking at me with disbelief kind of expression. Like getting 4.0 and show it to the world and put O.O on their faces. Or me, playing guitar like a pro. HAHAHAHA.

III. Guitar
Trying to master changing chords between A D and E. My fingers are getting flexible ! ^^

IV. Society
Ended the recruitment drive entirely. It was a success because was able to recruit some new faces and hopefully they will do good and help more to up-standard the club! I met new friends too! They are so funny and talkative and good in gossipings (again) ^_^

V. Family
Mum called and told me they will be leaving on 14 Nov for DAMN HOLIDAY (somewhere in China, could not remember the name). T_T I am so lonely and sad... hopefully they buy me stuff to make me happy. But still, happy holiday MUM DAD AND SIS ! It will be cold~~~~

 VI. Mr H
Basically chat with him everyday! Keeping updates with each other since we are not able to meet >.< Miss him a lot especially when doing things alone (eg: cooking).

End my post with two photos ! Scroll !

me and the hairband. And my eyes, they sparkle right ? xoxo. 

I look so sweet and demure. He looks so good and sophisticated and sharp and spectaclelicious. Proudly presents, that we were wearing apple green together! HAHAHAHA


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