Me and the feelings

Seriously I have been missing home, missing my mum and family very frequently.

Sometimes it drives me to bad mood and feel like yelling my heart out !

And the other day I felt irritated to what MrH said. Same thing happened today. I was complaining about him that he was not spending time with me cause he told me that he is going for some convention next year for quite a whole lot of days. I felt so so so annoyed because I do not like him for joining that club before. Having fights about this for quite a lot of times. And still doubt that whether i can withstand my anger or not in the future. Haha.

Anyway this is not what I wanted to say.

I have this sort of weird feeling which I thought it as homesick -.-"

What the heck. I should be used to it already.

Maybe because it's nearing  Christmas season and I felt so lonely here :(


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