The me during childhood

Yesterday I could not sleep well because my brain is brainstorming itself. I kept on thinking a lots of my old school memories. It kept on rewinding in my head and I could not stop it at all. Maybe because I was having this migraine thing. My body is growing and changing. I found out migraine is happening during a certain day on each month but it is different level of pain in each month. Sometimes it is like burning in the head and sometimes it is just heavy head. But it happens on "certain day". It goes away the next morning though.

Anyway, since I was thinking about this childhood thing, I thought I can blog them all out just in case one day I find out that I have Alzheimer's disease and I have my blog to remind me (CHOIII!!! )

Okay. So I am going this randomly in numbers =)

1. The pee.
I nostalgically remember that I urinate accidentally twice in school. Once in kindergarten and another in primary school standard 1. Let me explain more on kindergarten one first. Vaguely remember why did I pee in my pinafore but the only thing that I remember was the teacher replaced me with another bigger pinafore and I was not wearing any panty inside. I had to hold on my pinafore to prevent it from sliding down. I waited for my dad at the school gate, looking so sad and kelian. LOL I got home and my mum told everybody to laugh at me (this is child humiliatian ==) So, the next thing is during an English monthly test at the end of the day. I was having test and I was so scare to ask teacher to let me go to the washroom and settle down because she is so "garang". So I felt so troubled by myself alone. I remembered that I finished my test very quickly and making decision whether to ask teacher or not. I did not of course, until when the bell rang and everyone was passing up the test paper, I could not stand it already. I peeeeeeed! lols. I sat there and was scribbling my paper with red coloured pen (I coloured it until the paper got hole! because cannot stand of the pee already) colouring all the diagrams where teacher asked us to do so when you finished your paper to prevent noisiness in the class. So, in the end, I was left alone in the class with teacher. Hahahha. And that teacher was so angry with me and asked why did I not tell her ?! So I cried. I waited for dad to fetch me in my wet urinatty pinafore. LOL

2. The many crushes that I had.
It was primary 6 when we were all growing up. To tell the truth, I had so many crushes when I was primary 6. Primary 6 was a "hot" year for me. Before, I was an introvert kind of child to the extend of scare of going to the school canteen to buy food when it was recess time. I am quiet too. I am one of those very not talented and ordinary child. One thing for sure is, I have pretty cute face (Still HAHAHAH proud of my dad and mum). I grew up slowly and only until standard 5 and 6, I was placed in the best class. They were so many new friends whom I do not know. I had some friends from standard 1 to 4 but they could not make it to the same class with me. When I went into the best class in school, I felt so outcasted. I have no friends at all (I was blaming myself for getting into this class because I got number 1,2 and 3 during standard 4. Wooohoo! claps for me!). Most of them were already friends when they were in standard 1 or 2. They stayed in the same best class until the very end of whole primary. I was a new member though. To be true, I thank God for them! I have been bullied by them, mentally, I vaguely remember anything but I hated to be in that class because there were naughty spoiled rich kids. I could not remember why I say I am being bullied. I just had. So, I still get good grades in that class and during primary 6 I still placed into that best class again! There were 54 students in the class. Such a large class it was!

I am out of the topic already.

So, during primary 6 people started to notice me because I got high marks in mathematics (really high like 100 worrr! don't know why I become so smart so suddenly, maybe thanks to the maths teacher who I really like her and she still remembers me when I went to market with mum! ). I beat the ones who always get number 1 in the class. Woah, people started to notice the presence of me and I was happy with it. Constantly, I was trying to improve my English too because most of them speak English. I felt introvert again jealous-ing of their daring to speak English (Think back most of them are rojaks) Anyway, they were still good in English though and always will be! Okay, been too far already.

So, people like me and I like them too. I like so many of them but I do not know who to choose. They did so many foolish stuffs in order to get me. LOL the end. Anyway, it stopped at primary school and secondary school was a whole new thing to me!

3. Detective conan comics.
I saw my friends reading them and I was intended to borrow them! Ever since, I kept borrowing from my friends to read. It was during primary 6 as well! Blogging here, I suddenly remember that we read under our desk during teaching hours. That was great !

4. Drinking double chocolate kokoberry.
When we were growing into teens, we get really brave. Usually we have lunch hours and then extra class for primary 6. I normally stayed back after my dad sent lunchbox to me at the same time he was also picking up my brother. I got sneaky and followed my friend to the a stall selling the kokoberry ( if you guys don't know, it is something like Chatime) It was really a forbidden thing for us to do at that age because you need to cross the roads and if you get caught, you will be in trouble. Drinking that was so awesome for me ! Felt like I won 1 million!

5. Borrowing and exchanging stationaries.
It was so popular back then but not now :( You use my shaker, I use your shaker. Haha, you forgot to exchange back before going home and when you go tuition, you open your pencilcase and oh!! Hahahhaa.

6. Putting your crush pencilcase into your backpack
This was terrible ==!! I had a lot of experience with it. Maybe because I was loved. LOL!

7. Passing notes around.
Oh ho, this is what everyone has done before right? Notes of "I love you" from my crush. Hahahahha!!

8. Eating lunchbox in the classroom.
I had this for so many times and I am missing them! I have these few friends of mine, we usually stayed back in school. We sat together and had our lunchboxes. Sometimes, we even exchange food! How fun it was !!

9. Sweeping the floor.
Every morning before class when it is your duty to sweep the floor. I had.

10. Throwing rubbish.
One time where I was allocated to throw rubbish bin. wtf! I could not remember why, but I think is because the teacher wanted to punish the boys to sweep the floors instead of girls doing it. That time I forgotten to throw rubbish bin and it was full, so teacher saw it and scolded me for not completing my duty since we have the best clean class competition. So I had to do it in front of other classmates during class hour. Since the class in on the top floor, I walked down carrying the rubbish bin alone and walked up to put it back and then walked down again to wash my hands. No one helped me because I think the other friend was absent. ==!!

11. Naughty boys pull my long hair.
There were plenty of naughty boys and they were really naughty naughty. When it was time to go home, people were rushing home and at the same time, pulling my long hair too and ran away. My childhood was disastrous yet sweet. Hahahhah

12. Lots of birthday presents.
You cannot wait what your friends give you when your birthday falls on weekdays. I remember I had so much of cards and gifts when I was in primary 6. I remembered a boy gave me a necklace and my friends told me it worth rm 300. (I am so good with figures) I still keep the necklace though, worn few times. I was so popular in school AHAHHA!

13. Assembly.
I felt the pride I had when I was a prefect in school. During assembly, I did not need to sit at the floor to listen to the speech. Instead, I stood at the back of the line guarding the little kids to line up and stop talking. I was wearing a red tie ^_^

14. Buying the oily chicken wings home (If you are from sk st joseph, u might know)
I love to buy the oily chicken wings at the school canteen and hides it in my pocket before I went home. Missing it right now ! p/s: I hide them under my pocket because I thought it will be embarrassing to see me buying chicken wing ==!!

15. Hiding in the toilet during recess.
I clearly do not remember why I did this but I remember I have this experience. My friends and I were hiding in the toilet during recess and we were eating our food in the toilet.

16. The ghost behind the toilet.
There was a ghost. Rumours I heard from my friends. Did not know much about it though.

17. The green cards.
You know what is this ? The card where some random student came into your class and asked you to the nurse's room. Nurse room means the one who is going to check your teeth and pulling out the rotten tooth ! I hate that so much because when you get back to class with white gauze in your mouth, people laughed and eww at you.

18. Brushing teeth together !
This is awesome when you need to bring your cup and toothbrush to learn how to brush your teeth. When you split out the foams and your friends saw red colour, they would YUKES at you. I prayed everytime for not having blood colour in the foams. How cute !!

So, there are so much more I guess! These childhood moments are precious even though some are bad. As we are growing up, we will find that the things we did when we were young were so adorable indeed ! So how was your childhood ? ^_^

Primary 6 me !!!! Awww I miss everyone and class teacher !! 

Kindergarten me with rotten teeth.


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