A well unwasted day spent.

As early as 7.00 a.m. sharp my alarm rang, and I straight away stood up from my bed. My laundry was overloading because of assignments. The thing is, I am away from home the entire day to somewhere out of my reach. I could not cycle home before the rain start droooping. Thanks to my dearest group.

Well, today, I woke up early to deal with my laundry. I wanted to wash and get them dry before I go for the discussion. Yay, I did it! Hehehe. Of course, that is just partial of my laundry. I still have some bulking up the basket. Tomorrow I will deal with it again by waking up straight at 7.00 am.

Today I supposed,is a a fruitful day because oncology handmade poster is almost done! I was glad to be in that group which I barely know anyone of them. Three indian girls and Josephine. We communicate very well though. The thing is, we spoke english in our discussion and I miss it !

Outcome of this 5 hours work is pretty good ! Thank God for letting me to complete at least 99% of the poster. I felt better and not be so stressful~

Finals are in less than two weeks and I am glad that both science subjects do not fall on the same day and hooray! I hope to score better this time! Make me a 3.0 please... Maybe Christmas gift for myself? Iphone?! Hahahaha. dream on ^^

Uh, got to go !

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