Windy chilly night

Tomorrow will mark the end of my 7 weeks and next week will mark the starting of final exam! In this cold night, my eyes are drooping and feel extremely sleepy already. At this hour, I should be pretty energetic right ??! Haha, maybe not today because the weather induces more and more melatonin to be secreted out! I guess I will turn in in a while after writing this. Actually I still have a presentation tomorrow in the afternoon and yet I still have not prepared anything. I will be doing it the next morning. I was too concentrating on my finasl rather than presentation. Well, I hope it will go smoothly and end my semester with a bright smile =] Oh ya! I cannot wait for the sunway lagoon trip with Mr H after my finals! This will be my second time there. The first time was err, primary 4? I cannot play most of the games because of my height. This time, will be pretty fun right ?! It will be! I shall get myself a pretty jumpsuit so that I look good! xoxo. Photos will be more to come ! Yay~ Till then, good night peeps ! I love you guys whoever read this ! :)


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