20th !

Before I let this prestigious date to slip away, I must blog this.

This date; 20/12/2013 will be the last date of this year. Well, well, well, 20 is a very important date because it is the date where MrH and I are officially dating ! I know MrH do not practise in counting this monthsary thing because he said " You will never stop counting ". Same to me too. Because I have so much time right now and I just need to blog this.

Today will also be the last night in kampar ! I cannot wait to leave this place unless MrH is here >.<

So, we have been together for more than 12 months ++ So many ups and downs. So many new things that we tried. So many...

We learn new things together, learning how to be adult :)

And it continues...

So let me just post some photos from my lousy phone camera.
We dined under this light. So romantic leh :P 

Proudly presents ME AND MRH ! 


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