Y2T2 ending!

the yellow building hidden behind the trees.

Today marked the end of my Year 2 semester 2 ! I am a happy girl now because I did my test very best already. Hopefully with God grace, I get a 3.0 above. Desperately to get for it because after getting 3.0 I will move on to 3.5 lol.

Every test was done pretty ok for me. So, let's pray for my results! Years by years, I keep on dropping academically which somehow lower down my self-esteem and was too scared to involve myself in curricular activities which I enjoyed so much back then. The feeling of victoriness was the best moment ever in my life! We tried so hard every afternoon marching under the hot sun. Moreover, seniors were supporting us by coming over to our training and taught. It was not easy to manage 40 members from top to bottom (have to get the uniforms done before parade). But, how good it felt, the spirit that we had was so spiritual and the moment all our hardwork paid off, it was the best.

However, towards university life, I seldom involve in this outside activity. I was, in the beginning by joining tae kwon do and some arts club. However, it did not last long because I was pressured by studies. I was gobsmacked at how "good" my results was for the first semester and my scholarship is gone FOREVER == MD.

So, of course I still continue to study because I did not believe I am that stupid. But I did blame it all on culture shock. I could not adjust myself to live without my parents. I was 18 only and had to live by myself. How immature I was. I really think that it was the environment that caused me. It really did because I increased drastically at the second semester.

Anyway, it was two years ago and nearing to 3 years ! I am glad that I am still alive today. Thank God !

Now, I am a grown up already with a boyfriend so more!So  fast and I am entering adulthood soon. 21. I hope it will be a good year for me! and for everyone too ! :)

p/s: I will spend my time watching Gossip girls, Ugly betty, vampire diaries, big bang theory, how I met your mother, breaking bad and so on. without subtitles.

victoryyyyyyyy! how I miss them :) we were so tanned ! 

if you spotted me >.< ( you can feel the scorchingly hot day) & I was the penanda kanan if you understand ;)


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