12 things I need to succeed

Okay, yesterday night after talking with MrH on the phone it came to my realisation that I have been spendthrift these days. Yeah, counting on how much money did I spend on materialistic stuffs. I was quite overspending. So now, I want to make a change in me (serious now). HOW?!

1. Cook myself in hostel whenever I can. No laziness. This means eating just the right amount. Do not overcook and waste the food and money. I usually cook too much and in the end I feel bloated sucks.

2. Whenever I eat outside food, one meat and one vege. and rice of course. Normally I use to take 3 different foods and a rice. So, now I am going to change it to one meat and one vege and one rice. Cheaper.

3. Movie time once per month, no popcorns. This is hard but I want to make it a success since I can download movies from the internet and why waste money for that ?

4. No junk food during study time. Study time including lectures and hostel. I usually buy junk foods like indians keropok. Sometimes mentos, I can finish all of them in 2-hour lectures (call me pro and my teeth is still strong) :(

5. Supper? Just make a hot milo and biscuits (cream cracker) or fruits available. Usually always go out to buy wtf pork dimsum at the roadside. Now I will make it a fullstop.

6. No online shopping unless needed. YES. STOP!

7. Bo8tea once per month. Last time I drank a lot whenever I can. This time I am going to stop.

8. Always yearn for cheap meals. If MrH ask me what to eat, I will choose the cheapest one. Economic rice. hahaha.

9. Sports are okay, just remember to make full use of it. This need money when you study in UTAR. WTF

10. Less mamak food. I hate mamak shop to bits because they are dirty spoons and forks. Not because of the foods, just the environment. I will opt for no ! Quite pricy too if you are a big eater.

11. Focus on what you want to buy when you go for night market. I usually buy more than what I can eat. So, I will be good in managing what SHOULD I buy.

12. RM800 per month or less. I hope I can save rm200 to my own account every month !


Irvine said…
It's never bad watching movie out.! Support the original. Watch more often! lol
Meowmeow Qian said…
Hi there, hahha I know. But quite pricy if watch it often. And somemore I must eat popcorn ! xD

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