A meeting that make me realise!

Yesterday I went for a meeting with people whom I do not know. It was a good start for my video production. Actually is ours ^_^. The thing is, there will be a couple who will be acting in the short film. They are being very interested and good the film making. Luckily I found them. Zzzz I deviate away from the thing that I wanted to say again =.=

So, looking at them reminds me of MrH. They are so lovely and looking good together. Just prefectly suit each other. F*ck, I think I was missing MrH yesterday.

Being an arrogant and stubborn me, I realised that I am not a good girlfriend for him. And yet, he was a very good boyfriend to me. He is always a good boy to anyone.

It was just 2nd week of the new semester but we already fought twice! After fighting, I felt bad :( Always.

The main problem in my relationship is not spending time together. I was afraid. So afraid that I could no longer spend more time with you because no one knows what will happen in the future. (wtf. I'm so paranoid) Especially when I graduate. Are we going to be apart? :(((

I fought with him because he was so busy with his stuffs and I was being not supportive. Not to say that I am not supportive, but I just need some time to be with you. In the end, you still tam me. What patience is that ?! >.<

* * *

This is the first photo that we took together using his new phone. He was offering to take photo which is super rare and that time I was being a little bit angry of him. I guess that's why >.<

why my breast become bigger in this photo ? ==!!

Because I was angry at him so, bo nan bo juak face!! Becuase I hate to tongue-ed at the camera because I feel like a slut ==
So this is it la. Nothing much to post lately because my life is nothing but a piece of pink paper. LOL

p/s: do you realize my hair colour ?! ELENA or not ?!


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