A young Frenchman from Paris I met

I am blogging from LCCT airport because it is too bored and no one to chat with.

I got off the train and get a bus ride to LCCT. Before that I bought MCD to eat at the bus. Neither did I know I cannot eat inside the bus so my frozen cola become melted cola. LOL

Anyway, upon reaching the airport I quickly strolled my luggage and find a perfect seat to enjoy my yummy burger. So, I was eating my burger and a caucasian sat beside me. He was good looking though. So after finishing my meal, I took out my laptop and to get access to the Internet because my flight was like 5 hours later.

Suddenly, he asked me how come he could not connect to the Internet on his Iphone. I try with my phone but it was the same. My laptop is working well though. I didn't know why. So eventually we started to chat about where we are going and so on. He was spending his weekend in Malacca and were heading to Singapore for work. Surprisingly he is 22 ! And he graduated already. Did I forget to say that he is from Paris, France?!?!

One thing that I will never forget.(Because my laptop is full of HK stickers) Hahahaha, he asked me "You like Hello Kitty?" and showed me a photo of a trishaw with kitties he spotted in Malacca.

So we chatted all the way and he needed to go already for his flight. It was fun and sad thing is, I did not try to ask him for a photo >.< How sad it is. I was not thinking of it because too engaged chatting with a handsome from Paris!

If God's will, I will get a photo with him next time!


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