If you want to try out whether your camera is good or not, take a photo of my hair and look for any other colour than black. If it does, your camera is damn good !


So this morning I did my hair dye-ing session and it is FREAKING expensive. Imagine if my hair is longer! Anyway, the colour change is not so obvious because I was too noob in choosing it and the guy who did it for me is just as noob as me. I will not pay anymore visit liao lo!

I think he has zero experience in dying hair. Screww his head.

So this is my first time dy-ing hair and it feels nothing. Just hole in the pocket. I like the colour though, was expecting it to be even more brown..

I hope I can surprise someone or everyone with my new mature look. My sister and brother say I look mature rather than childish. So the key point for me to look mature is to dye my hair ! Because no matter how I cut my hair, I still look like hopeless teenage girl. DUH! NOW I AM NOT !!!!!!!! I AM A LADY/WOMAN. HAHHHAHAHA Feel so proud. Now I need to be like a lady minded.


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