2nd Anniversary with MrH !

How to start this? Well, we are far apart now; one in Penang one is Sarawak. Opps. So definitely no mushy mushy photos or dinner la. I do not know where and how to start this post until just a while ago.

I have been blogging for years practically throughtout my entire teenage ninja turtle year. Older posts somehow are stupid and full of grammatical mistakes so you do not have to read it la and all of them are, I categorized them under TEENAGE RANTS. hahahahha! As I grow older, grammar mistakes become lesser and writings become far more upgraded and of course, LESSER. Because I am a busy lady.

Nevertheless, life goes on ==! I still come back to blogging because it is my virtual home. HAHAHA

Anyway, upon writing all the shits above, I come to thought of writing about my love story. Are you keen to read ?!?! lols. Of course my love story is still ongoing, what I am going to write about is the days before this. (Do you get it ?) hahaha. Anyway, you shall read.

** MrH is initial for my superb boyfriend

Why do I start with this photo (googled) ? This is because our first meeting(I use meeting because he likes meetings ==!) starts from this sport. How? Why? To tell the truth (THE TRUTH THAT ONLY ME AND HIM KNOWS AND NOW THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW) I was the one who asked MrH out (When I thought of it, I feel shameful and at the same time grateful) That time I was in foundation and that particular time we would be having mathematics 2 midterm and I felt so good that I finished revising and studying everything (That semester my gpa went up to 3.4 which I feel sibeh proud with myself cause in the first semester I was 2.8 which I was depressed because the scholarship is gone once you are under 3.0 ==)

Felted so good that I wanted to jog wtf which is so amazingly miraclously impossible. Don't know why God makes me wanted me to jog that time. So, how do I come to ask him? That time facebook started to get peoples attention and adding friends you "SEE" whom you never talk in school are so common. I noticed the existence of MrH (He is quite charming at first sight cause I cannot find any other boys looking better than him in the class or he's my type? HAHAHA) in my school at first and he was already in my friend's lists. (We are still arguing who added who and we never know who added who) So, I searched for my close friends or not so close friends whether they are online or not and asked if they wanted to jog with me or not. Since it was the first time I jog, I need some companion la. Very coincidentally which I still do not know why all my friends say NO because midterm was approaching. Maths very hard meh?? I cannot beg them also scare later they will not friend me ==! So, I saw this Mr H full name on the online list and I had quite a hard time in initiating the first conversation with him on facebook (Not so hard also, I just typed and sent, voila!) To my happiness of all, he replied me and agreed to jog with me, fuck that time my heartbeat was 1000/sec (just trying to say how nervous I am) and I suddenly felt like do not want to go anymore but cannot lah, got instinct ask me to go. But wait, he had a request, he wanted to bring a friend. Welllll, that slowed down my hearbeat also. And that friend I know more than I know him because he hit with his bicycle while I was on my bicycle. So yeah, we jogged and the story ended there for a while.

Well, after that Mr H started to approach me on facebook and practically we chat quite often, regarding school and etc. Okay, before I proceed, I would like to confirm this. Everytime if we are friends on facebook you will click onto the profile and see see mah. I came to know his blog because he posted on his profile there mah. So I ma clicked in and see, WAH! SO MANY F*CKING CHINESSE WORDS WHICH I CANNOT UNDERSTAND ONE. Okay, from that onwards, I try to REMEMBER chinese words liao in order to read his blog. So the point is, I know he has blog before we jog. And so, when the relationship started to intensify, I found out he removed the link to his blog from his facebook profile BUT GOD GRACES THE LINK WAS STILL SAVED ON THE ADDRESS BAR. Time to time, I tried to see what he wrote but he never know I read his blog. HAHA but he always know my blog because I am not a low profile person. HAHAHA. To my unhappiness, he never wrote about me loh, TT

Enough with the blogs thingy, we escalated our relationship into a very deep and complicated way between us. We talked about death. If you are my schoolmates, you know why. That year, I lost a friend. I never felt death before until my friend passed away and that was very sad and new thing to me. I saw her lying restlessly in that rectangular box before she was sent away. While, he lost friends too. Notify the "friends"? Yeah. I understand his feeling.

After that, we study together when exam is near at the school library. We stayed up until the library closed and went for our dinner together for many times. So, relationship grows but MrH did not propose to me to be his girlfriend leh. wtf  . _ . The only thing I remember is he kept telling me 等我等我

Okay lor, I wait la. Of course I will wait. Because I already like him very much from the end of his hair to the toe. hahahaha!

So I waited lor, and I do not know what he meant by waiting == I thought he is going somewhere after finishing his foundation so he asked me to wait for him to comeback because that time was already the end of our foundation.

Owh, I forgoten something important. He did propose to me at a basketball court near my hostel there. He said "I love you" to me leh. I do not know how and what to response to him because I never hear myself saying I love you to my parents also and I only type I love you to my first crush through msn or text lo. Never really blurted it out because it is super hard and I am a shy person .__.

He said "I Love you" and a lot more lah which I cannot remember, and the only thing I remember is 等我等我 because I was wondering what 等我哦?!ask him also never say. Then, I was like so what you love me? Shouldn't you be asking can I be your girlfriend or something similar? That time, very late dy, so he walked me home and on the way, he was nervous loh. LOL so we just walked home and the end which left me dumbfounded entire night .__0

* * *
Gracefully we graduated from foundation and proceed to own field of choice. Right before we started our first week of degree, well well well

The 等我 revealed!

A bouquet of handmade paper flowers with a bamboo sticks basket all by his own! He proposed to me with this flower and a wristlet with my name attached! (Almost forgotten I have this wristlet >.<)

With these two things, I officially announced that we are couple on this very auspicious date 20/5/2012 ! HAHAHHA. So he wanted to make somethings out of his hands for me and that was the wait for ! Aiyoh tell me mah! Make me so furious.

He told me he bought this wristlet long time ago already but did not give yet until he made the flowers. Aiyoh why so sweet :>

And hence, we are together loh!

And then after being together for a while, I met his family during a visit to Gua Tempurung and luckily his family is too good lah! And then went for a visit to his super big house during raya break and played and ate a lot and celebrated my birthday there....................... super nice but too much goodness find me after I met him T_T

So we date date date until we fight. LOL

Arguing is a very crucial stage in our relationship because we nearly broke because of certain unavailing issues which I personally thought back "OMG luckily MrH is mature enough as I am not his first love". Thank God. Why arguing is very important? Because we argued rather than keeping it inside, and tell what you are not satisfied with and what he is not satisfied with me. So, we talk and talk until we understand each other, tolerating each other.

I think we reach to a stage where arguing will be solved easily. We still argue, especially during cooking but after eating my superb cooks, I feel good and mood become good already lo.

So, I think it is far-fetched for us to break already :P

Thus, that is the end of my not-so-long post ! Proudly presents our super sweet photo!



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