UKM KL Symposium

I am home and just back from my first symposium of 5th Biomedical Science in UKM KL. I am going to summarize what did I learn from the trip.

From the symposium:

1. Have presentation skills on scientific presentation.
2. To be loud, clear and know what you are talking and doing.
3. Take note on the possibles of the questions that will be thrown by the judges
4. Polite
5. Confident with your answers
6. Elaborate more on your answers
7. Do sufficient readings regarding your topic (emphasize SUFFICIENT)
8. Results are the most important
9. Know why you choose this title; choose this plant

Other than the symposium:

1. Be friendly and smile more to get more friends
2. Be confidently shameless (Quote by Shawn Keng; one of the forum panels)
3. Don't be an introvert even though you are because you are going to lose a lot
4. Enjoy the moments :)
5. KL is super nice for shopping ! (I love the junction at times square! and the big tvs!)
6. How to use monorail ^_^
7. Being a good directional is always an advantage ^_^

Personal achievement:

Unlock the fats in my heart of being a biomedical science student. Before this, sometimes I wonder of regretting for being a biomedical science student because of the hardcore subjects we are studying. Biomedical science students study a wide variety of subjects as we are a wide wide course based. We can pursue into different fields such as microbiologist, biochemist, biotechnologist, doctors, and so on as we have the basis of their knowledge. If you ask us about PCR, we know, If you ask us about diseases, we know, Genetics, we know, molecular we know. Yeah, that is us. We just know everything lor. But actually not everything also la, cause cannot memorise so much. Just "heard" of it. hahaha cause the moment you end your semester, all the knowledge goes back to the lecturers for their next batch of students.

After this, I am going to say I am proud of being a biomedical scientist! We have basis of all. We are going to be good at this ! I know, perhaps I will not be a scientist or doing anything to do with biomedical science but hey, I'm still proud to tell people that I am a biomedics! ^_^ with a not so good results lo

Why say so?? Because no matter what we do in the future, just do the right thing, the thing you like :)

But to be true, studying this field let alone is best to become a researcher but dude, I don't want to be one. Unless I find my passion one day la.

I am just interested in getting knowledge especially diseases :) curing it? I doubt I have the ability to do it.


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