Post-camp dinner gathering !

If you follow my dayre, you will know that I went to a camp recently. And yeah, pictures ! 
I don't know why facebook work so slow in uploading pictures. 
See, blogger has done it so much faster ! 

Solely this post will be pictures with caption!
Taken at Poh Loong Buffet Restaurant in Teluk Intan
All characters are very happy and full!

Let's start with group picture during eating time :D

Programme Department  :)

Security department ! 

Lengluissss~~ Sandy & SP

MORE LENGLUIS! Girls team ! All are lengluis ! Want phone number tell me ya!

First aiders team ! I'm inside ! :D

Lost in the jungle trekking group. We were way too behind the the troop because Harpreet Singh is too noisy and kept singing "The girl is on fire~" and slowed down our pace :P 

I realised there are too little men. and they all wearing specs except Koksim whom he took off.

act cute shoots! who is the cutest?! shoutings *the camerawoman!*

DJ with leng luis !

MrH with DJ

Since we are already in Teluk Intan, we went for a short visit to Menara Condong. hehehe.

And HAPPY 2ND YEAR AND 1 MONTH ANNIVERSARY. SO coincidentally that I wanted to update today.


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