Our Twenty firsts'

Both of us are having our birthdays on August but thankfully he is still elder than me and luckily we are not within the same horoscope. He is Leo and I am Virgo. Both zodiac is like for man and woman. If you get me..
Anyway, he was celebrating his birthday in Penang because he wanted to pay a visit to grandpa who fall down. And he was brought up by his grandpa and grandma. Definitely sayang gonggong so much! I remember he cried to me when it was the grandma's date. touched over his tears.

He came Kampar the day after his birthday which is on Monday and definitely I prepared something for his birthday but it was not much compared to his. Decorated his room partially with the colourful notes and pre-booked birthday cake (fondant cake) for him. That's all I did and a very surprise for him because when I reached his door, he was doing blackhead sticker thingy. Hahahah. so funny!

If you can spot the blackhead sticker on his nose.

How nice the cake is. Football cake!

Not so smooth fondant cake. cracked leh!

Us and the cake. Pardon my hair please! T_T always looking so ugly and messy.

Him, cake and notes!

I like the cake flavour though.

Hehehe. sheng qing dui wang each other. xP
Here comes my birthday part!
Woke up to many presents and then went for a short trip to Purrfect Cat Cafe which I wanted to go so much! There are real cats inside though. I thought its just, a name. Before that, somebody asked me to wait in the car. Next thing is, he threw a ball, bouquet of flowers at me! Wahlao~

Shocked !!
Lihai lo this boyfriend. HAHAHHA!
I was quite thrilled and overwhelmed until I did not know what to say or how to respond. 

All he did, are surprises. So many of them! Roses, presents, visit to cat cafe. 
I was so shy to bring the flowers to the shop. Everybody was starring at me. They must be thinking, wow, this I just got a wedding proposal accepted!

I look okay here. hehehe. LOVE IT!

2 1 OR 1 2

Us. hehehe.

Damn it, this photo is so blur. T_T and the forks were weirdly placed

picture of the day! 


and more~~

me and the fruit champagne. He got this reserved and planned a week before! No wonder he was laughing like siao from time to time

more of him~

moremore!!!!!!!! hahhahah give him la. since he made so much for me

Candid him

Oh yeah. photo of the day~

Table number 5 ^_^

The roses. Hehehe

Kinda like this photo. hehe

Some decorations  around the shop. So many meowsssss~

The cake and Mr. H's peace sign. He was shocked because of the way the cat slept. Hahaha, emo and eco also sleeps like this >.< 

Sleeping cat

This is active one. 

All you need is love and a cat. I have both! 

Another one sleeping
We went home around 3 and studied for a while then 5.30 pm left the house for buffet dinner with all his cousins except Nicholas because he was in KL instead. hahaha~

Huge Hello Kitty cake !!! T_T So in love~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and taste very nice !!!! pardon for the 22 ya >.<

At night, continue with alcohol session and game. I was inflamed whole body loh. Someore why mrh and I so bad luck one. Kept on losing the game~~ TT Lose one game drink one shot.

We both we drunk ? ==!! Thanks to his cousins!!
All in all, everything was so great ! Love it to the infinity


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