123 facts about myself

Written on 2/10/2014

1. I have a family of 6 people including me
2. Fat, Mat, Elder brother, Younger brother, Younger sister
3. We have the alternates of 2 years
4. I have two cats; emo and eco at home and they are stray cats saved from streets.
5. I have a boyfriend since 2012 and still counting :D
6. I love eco more than emo because emo will scratch me and eco is a good boycat.
7. My current boyfriend is my second boyfriend and we both are seconds for each other. How coincidence it is!
8. I cannot accept my boyfriend has too many ex-es which he don't and I made my mind to keep him forever.
9. I am sampat po who talks a lot with friends whom I trust
10. I love Hello Kitty so much because it reminds me of my childhood and it is so pinkish that I love pink so much to the extend I will go to hell for them.
11. I shit once in two/three days. Is that constipation?
12. Before the commencement of my shitting business, I can fart with super smelly gases because I eat meat so many and I think I will cut down on meat soon because MrH loves vegetables more than meat which I think it is good.
13. I call my boyfriend MrH and everyone knows it.
14. I call him Shitty/JiunnJiunn/HarngHarng and many more too. all the shits you can name. hahaha
15. I am quite fat because of my fat thigh which I inherited from my mother's side cause my grandpa is a basketball player! And all of my uncles and aunty are very good in sport during younger days except my mum but she is good in calligraphy instead.
16. I hate the fact that I have big thighs and calves but I am still proud of it and still love wearing shorts.
17. I love fashion but I never have enough money to buy all I want
18. I buy clothes that I don't wear
19. I love blogging but never have enough time to update :P
20. I have 3 very distinctive moles on my face and going to remove them all sooner or later.
21. I hate/love the moles. I hate because I am teased "tahi lalat"which sounds like something dirty as it is "fly shits" and I love because I'm complimented as special.
22. I have very very big teeth and it is going haywire @@
23. I am awarded the greatest award of best in academy as well as curiculum during Form 5 which is my dream last time and I got it because I am too good == lol
24. Currently my studies suck like hell but I have no comment on that.
25. I love medical stuffs
26. My grandpa has bladder cancer :'(
27. I never met my grandma from mother's side because she is gone in an accident :'(
28. I love my mother so much that I love to spend time with her talking and talking.
29. I miss my family very much ever since I study abroad so I always love to stay at home when I have semester break.
30. I sleep with my sister
31. I like to eat banana depending on my mood. I can finish bundles.
32. Sometimes, I hate banana too
33. I always get ulcers due to over brushing my teeth with a very strong force and hit my gums. FUCK SO PAINFUL
34. I seldom get sick but when I get sick, it takes weeks to fully recover. FML
35. I love crabs and prawns so much.
36. I love to shop. Who doesn't?!
37. I am a big fan of The Face Shop because it cures my acne problems
38. I have Popular bookstore, chatime, Bo 8 Tea, Bonuslink, Public bank, maybank, kad siswa, big visa cards and I love them so much dont know why
39. I am using pink Prada wallet I bought from grouptime. its fake and i don't mind because it looks real
40. I love myself so much
41. I have messy and thick hair
42. I have done so many things on my hair that it dries like dessert
43. I am tall 163 + cm
44. MrH is taller than me a little bit and I am comfortable with it because we can kiss each other without bending or looking up. LOL
45. I met his parents and he met my parents. SO MUCH LOVES
46. I watch dramas sometimes when I am free
47. I am class monitor for 3 years consecutively
48. I am the president of red crescent club in my school
49. I have a lot of admirers in school but I never wanted to be in love because I think it is not good
50. I have a boyfriend back in Form 2 and we broke because I said I wanted to concentrate on my studies but then it was just a puppy love because we never pakto except in msn.
51. Anyway, there are guys who try to woo me and I responded but then ended halfway because I also don't know why.
52. I have a bestfriend Kele and she likes hello kitty like me
53. I have a lot of English speaking friends back then
54. I love them so much
55. I love chinese too because of MrH
56. I love Nicholas sparks and I keep buying his books without reading 'em. JokeR.
57. I love reading when I'm in the mood
58. Oh, I have hidden talent in drawing I got from my mum. that also depends on mood
59. I have strawberry dutch lady milk intolerance. I get fucking diarrhea every time I drink it

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60. I always have unfinished cream, lotion that I keep for years because when I bought it, I feel energetic to use it for few weeks and then forget and lazy to use it anymore.
61. I must wear earrings everyday because I have phobia of getting it close because it pains like shit
62. I wear cartoon pyjamas to sleep every night and sleep better
63. My hair is always messy ever since I get a boyfriend.
64. I have perfect eyesight
65. I traveled to Guangzhou; Guilin, Bangkok, and Hanoi, Vietnam.
66. I got 99 % for my German language course and planning to relearn again next semester and I want to travel and work abroad
67. I am scared of dogs that bark like siao lang
68. I have a hard time communicating in Chinese dialects
69. I can speak Mandarin but cannot write and read Chinese well
70. I love English
71. I love cooking good food. I hate bad food
72. I have Casio couple watch with boyfriend
73. My laptop is 4 years old
74. People always think I am always smiling but I can't stop it because my teeth is always showing mf when my teeth is not showing people thinks I am angry or emo
75. I have a serious problem with my phone. It lags like snail turtle whatever animals that run so slow
76. I love photoshop but never learn it lol
77. I love cute stuffs especially when it is cat
78. I am honest and direct and sarcastic. I don't like to cheat on people and I am a very very straightforward person.
79. I fucking hate last minute work if it is a group assignment or event.
80. I use rejoice hair shampoo and it makes my hair so dry but I have no comment on that
81. My family don't practise saying "I love you"
82. I love campeng (combination of milk tea and coffee) so much and this is recommended by MrH
83. I have chubby face and I look like a 12 years old when I am 21 years old. fml. Stranger calls me XIAO MEI MEI when I am holding fake prada purse ==
84. I drink water a lot and maybe thats why I have chubby face?
85. I don't like black t-shirt so much
86. Instagram freak. I love shooting nice macro pictures A LOT
87. I love to show off sometimes and I don't know why even thought its just a pile of junk
88. I am quite brave when I am alone, when I have no one to rely on. But I am coward when MrH is with me. HAHAHHAHA
89. I must sleep with suitable temperature 24 degree celcius when there is aircond.
90. I love gossips but its so wrong but I don't know how to stop
91. I am M size but my pants can be L size. FML UNEVEN BODY SIZE fml so much
92. I am interested in arts(drawings, photography, DIY, fashion etc) more than science and I don't know why I study science ==!!
93. I want Iphone in future
94. I cannot remember Chinese songs titles
95. I have deep relationship with my blog that I can spend whole day editing it
96. I love to stalk new friends
97. I love watching romance movies especially the hiao hiao part ==! dont know why
98. I like handsome boys and pretty girls
99. I am addicted to social network
100. I love writing shits like this. HAHAHAHAHA! NO JOKE.
101. I am selfish but presence of MrH makes my selfishness decrease because I always thought of him. I also don't want but my heart makes the decision
102. I am arrogant because I like to boss
103. When I am quiet, I am quiet ==
104. I have face muscle problem. So not elastice
105. Not a photogenic person. Very sad for life
106. I think my father and uncles and grandpa are very handsome
107. I still cannot swim well but I can float
108. I am a sarcastic joker
109. I don't take things seriously especially when it bores me out.
110. I think face problem is related to attitude problem
111. I hate xiao san
112. I love Times New Roman
113. I sat in Mercedes before
114. I have very little general knowledge and I did nothing to change it
115. I am quite lazy
116. People think I am good in stuffs but I am okay only.
117. I dislike mosquitoes. Who likes?!
118. I only do things with mission
119. I hope my future house is simple and colourful
120. I love children
121. Pink makes me happy
122. I hope MrH can be my future husband :P
123. Favourite number : 2


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