A thousand miles, not.

I am wearing fipper (the shoe brand I HATE THE MOST) because I broke my sandals and then there was no other better shops around. and fml fipper is the only shoe they have. and in this photo, I love my legs so much! SO LONG AND FAIR

Last week I went to Ipoh and stayed overnight at a budget hotel. That budget hotel is seriously shit place. The room smelt smokes and the aircond is not even cool. Duhsssss 

Even worse, there was this gang of man knocked on our room and then my friend opened the door, one of them was asking who was inside the room. Then, they said they were policemen and yeah, we saw the police uniforms in the gang. Some of them were not wearing. They asked if there were any guy inside == they thought we are what ? prostitute ? ==

So, then, a girl went into our room to check whether the guy was there. There were no guys of course. So she went off with the policemen. I saw her eyes are red and teary. We assumed the whole thing is about prostituting.

We were dolling ourselves for the mall btw. Then, we went out and at the same time, we asked the receptionist about what is going on. Actually it was something to do with drug trafficking. Oh God! so scary... 

This is the experience I shall never forget in my entire life.

Anyway, we still enjoy ourselves happily in the mall. They are all my close friends from the same course. We were a bit too late to find ourselves together since we only left 1 semester together but somehow I shall treasure the moments with them !

Here's a picture of me holding glass noodle from black canyon (strongly recommended)


Stephanie said…
I hate Flippers also hahaha! They make my feet hurts -.-

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