Attitude determines personality


I thought this while I was standing under the shower. So, that's what they say the place when you can think calmly?

Anyway, I was in the middle of final year project and working with a bunch of coursemates are fun really. Not everything is fun when your things are broken and stolen. Zzzz which happens to me occasionally. My things so valuable meh ?!?!

First, conical flask is gone during autoclaving (even worse when it belongs to my partner) Then, universal bottle (actually they hide under the rejected cupboard ==) Then, microspatula. Then NOW SMALLEST MICROPIPETTE BELONGS TO MY BELOVED SUPERVISOR IS GONE =.= Wadafuck la.

when is all these going to come back to me ? (Utada- Come back to me *inserts *)

Enough with these. My extraction is still not done yet. Nevertheless, I know I am going to finish earlier anyway. No problem, just out of schedule.



More to go.

What says my title?

YOUR ATTITUDE DETERMINES YOUR PERSONALITY And I am saying this because it is not a good attitude

You can really see into a person's personality while you are working together in a room (litterally)
Most of them are responsible and good. Just some side dishes make the whole thing bad and no one voice about it and I think I need to make some change because really BEH TAHAN LOR!!!!

This is not badmouthing at all. This is talk the bad truth behind them. And literally I think that is right
I tell my friends, one day someone should confront them to prevent more and more and more mishaps happening. If and only if one day I break anything belongs to them that is because their things are all over the place. Yeap, I am going to explode. LIKE THE SECOND HIROSHIMA AND NAGASHAKI



Christina Chin said…
hahahahah chill girl :D but i like how to express yourself though your blog :)
Meowmeow Qian said…
HAHAHHA ! XDD really beh tahan lahhh !

I found my damn micropipette !!! >.<

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