8 places in one semester

Lets keep this short and simple
Because I want to enjoy start my manicure and watch Gone Girl

This was during a short trip to Cameron

Grace Farm Trip

Green Wish Vegi Garden (ORGANIC) volunteering work together with Wiebi and Ole (from German!). Miss this so so so so muchhhhhhh!!!

Penang Visit again!! I secretly love this t-shirt a lot!!a lot!! a lot!! thank you auntie sindy tan ^_^
and thanks to that hands of yours.

At hatyai in front of the hotel with xiaoqian, mrh and jiahen (secretly thinks he is handsome!! not secret anymore! lol!)

Short trip to Ipoh with my babes (blogged before)

One day trip to KL to visit my auntie and fam! with sohai mrh


Also, the unforgotten trip to MIRI with MrH ! A burry one but worth it ! (This pic is taken by my lovely dad and he offered to take for us. wooooo!~~)
Last but not least, it is the last day of 2014 and in an hour time it is going to be a brand new year ! The year of Goat, shall we go mek mek mek ?!
A challenging year ahead as I will be stepping into adulthood and I am sure I will be strong enough to face any obstacles no matter what !
---to find my dream (not so sure what my dream is zzz but still want to write this)---
--- money---
--- with my man---
--- happiness---
greatful with the man beside me.


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