Its my valentine !

No big fuss about Valentine, we just celebrated it normally or abnormally? You decide :)

I woke up to a surprise in the early morning of 14th February 2015 on the computer table. (Screamsssss!!)

Ignore the unglam photo of me. He purposely put that up on the cover letter. (Well, actually its his phone contact display picture of me that I changed for him)

He wrote me a love letter (........ so much of loves, so much better... so much...)
Full of chinese words which to my dismay, I had a hard time reading it... (T_T huhuhu...)
Well, he read it out aloud later on and I recorded it on my phone (hehehehhehe!) , I understand some like to who and from who. HAHAHAHHAA just joking.

Beneath it, there was a present! wrapped with hello kitty present paper! Damnnnn I love it so much, even the wrapper. I will keeep the wrappers. (so many wrappers because he double wrapped it, teasing me uhhhh.. )

Surprising valentine from MrH! 

Yeah, its a hello kity (AGAIN!!! >.<) POWERBANK!! don't read the letter please. lol
 At night, we had our dinner at shunka which is the only japanese & korean restaurant in town. We tried once before for his birthday and vowed never to go back there anymore because the food taste not so good and maybe even lousier than my homecook food. (Except the tamagoyaki)

So yesterday, we broke the vow just because of the tamogoyaki. hahahhahaha!

We went rushing because it was almost raining ! Fortunately (don't know who is watching and blessing us), we managed to reach there before the rain started to sound like dropping ice blocks (Thank you Rain God!! I know you were there)

We ordered too much of foodssssss which caused us bloated and fat !

Our extraordinary photo. Other couples were talking photo normally. We were abnormal as usual :P (My nails are ready to be manicured ! ) hahahaha

This is what pork ramen for MrH. So salty but the first scoop was nice! After few scoops, it turned out very salty but still nice!! (redundant sentence -.-")

My korean bibimbap!! I'm super in love with this because of the round japanese rice. One day I shall plant this type of rice and eat it everyday. Also get rounder and rounder everyday 

Tamagoyaki !! super favourite although its just eggs. One day I will learn it! So many layers!!!

Our favourite Wakame tooooo! Super niceeeeeeeeee as well~ 
After that we went to econsave and bought some groceries for breakfast the next day which is today! At least I do not feel bad about not preparing anything for him (But....

KISSS KISSS (Actually this is the best valentine present of the day because I beg him to take cause normally he will refuse unless I kill him, wellll, thanksssss!!!!! :P)
The end of my first Valentine with MrH


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