Oreo Cheese Cake without bake

Today I want to blog about this !!!

I follow this recipe which I found it so simple despite the fact that I did something wrong 

Although it is not as succesful as it is, but I still want to blog about it

Ingredients from the youtube video. 

16 oreos
240 mL cream cheese
100 mL of condensed milk (be caution of over sweetened it because that is what happened to me :_(



I used two packs of the oreos whic was about 20 oreos?

Because I dont have any melted butter so its just half melted butter. (But it is better to use melted ones)

The cream cheese and the condensed milk. I put toooooo much of the condensed milk and it is toooo watery T_T

The watery cream T_T

Next I put in 15 pieces of oreos crushed in pieces


Layering the first with crushed oreos

Finaly product....

More final products...

First with overflowing cream. so sweeeet !!!!!! 

I did this for my friend's birthday and she was too good to finish the whole cup!!!! >.< Really thanks to her

p/s: I bought kiwis and layer on top of it to desweetened the oreos after that

I wish to make the second try ! ;)


wenfang said…
Hey i love your blog theme. Its pinky fresh~ Nice huh. =)
Meowmeow Pink said…
Hehehehhe. thanks !! xD

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