Everything is going so well

Tonight, I decided to blog because I'm tired of studying. I have been studying for the past 10 years (starting from Standard 6 because that was the moment when I started to know a little bit about the world; I promise myself to study well to get good results which I did until I reached university level 0.0) and I shall halt it for the moment (obviously this is exacerbating =.=) I am just feeling thoughtful after watching the wedding video of Echo and Kim on vimeo. Here's the link Hence, I decided to spare some time for my forgotten blog.

What had I been to lately?
I had a lot of things to blog, I just do not feel like the mood to blog because uhmm.. I was pretty busy as well. (Urghhh, those excruciating moments....)

After Chinese new year, we squeezed out some time and energy to do some dancing for our assignment! (we had quite satisfying coursework mark though ^_^)

That was us. G6PD Yellow= jaundice White= pale
Then, time for viva presentation. I did erm... no comment. Let's just pray for a B above. The panels for my session, their field was different from mine. I have no idea why am I the only one who is doing plant extraction while the others presenting were doing bacteria works. And I am the last one to present. Somemore they were already so tired asking so many questions and when I finished the last slide of my presentation, there was a complete silence for 5 seconds (I think..) before they started asking questions. First question was "What is in vitro and in vivo?" (Wow, bonus question for me. lol!) But then, I still shoot by them. (Wouldn't care much because it's a norm hhhahaha)

Loyal supporters for waiting till the end especially the one at the most right. Hahahah Really an amazing super smart lady
So I submitted the most important 8 credit hours Projects. This cover page has a very big mistake!!! T_T

Of course, amidst all the busy-ness, I still find time to cook because I need to save money and eat as well. Lol. This semester I tried butter oat prawns which turned out not bad except that it was quite salty. I enjoyed cooking in my university life because sometimes it calms me down. If and only if I never go out and study, I would never know how to cook in my life. Now that, I know a lot of things in terms of cooking. No longer scare of sparkling oil when water sprinkles in (sometimes, still, you can't disobey human nature :P) I even thought of owning a restaurant, a food-chain, bringing out healthy foods to people around the world! ;D (I'm serious!)

Of course, we had our graduation photoshooting as well! Dressed up formally and kachak! that was it. (Hmmm..so fast...)

Then, we had our appreciation dinner with the lecturers who taught us for three years. There were not much lecturers coming because I think it was a busy day. Anyway, we had a lot of funs that night. Taking photos with lecturers and selfies with our favourite lecturers (good looking and pretty!! hahahaha) but missed out some because of my stupidity. lol
Thats including taking photos with all the coursemates who were present there! I made a flipagram for it on my Instagram! Because there were too much photos! Glad that I know them in my course :D and found my favourite peoples in the class! Without them, my university life will be as dull as what? My vocabs have been deteriorating. 

We dressed up like the 60's. xoxo 

The must! Group photo! :D

What is graduation without photoshooting! Thanks to someone we did this! Photoshooting day. It was tiring but the outcome was good enough to store our memories in this school! I will definitely miss them so much when I graduate. (writing this also miss already T_T)

One of the photos I like so much!
Of course, My uni life is not complete without photoshooting with MrH! Because of him, I met a lot of friends, I wept, I stressed, I learnt good values, I cook. I did a lot of stupid stuffs. At the end of the day, I grow up! A lot! (Damn! i miss the childish me

He made me feel home. He is my father mother brother sister, close friend and most importantly, he is my soulmate!  lol... Anyway I really Thank God for the fate that I met him because he made me complete! 

After completing my finals on coming Wednesday, I will head back to Miri and start my internship in general hospital. I was accepted without any interview and so on. (God was being good to me, thank you! for letting me with no fuss about the findings) Eventhough, it was a zero payment job, I still feel excited and nervous about it because, it was once my wishlist to work in the hospital. (I wonders... how it feels like..) I do hope I can learn as much as possible. Maybe I can't do well in theories, who knows, I might be good in skills.

Above all, everything went so well in my life compared to those unfortunates one. Compared to the victims in Nepal earthquakes, compared to the sick people in hospital, compared to the families who lost their members, I am very very fortunate to be able to live and blog here. (Owhh... it's so late already! Goodnight my friends..)

Time to sleep!


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