Beginning of 20's

At times, I begin to wonder...

Who am I?
What am I?
What I want to be?
What I love to do for the next 20 years?

I'm still clueless.
I don't like to do same things everyday
I like to move around. Not just sit in the office and do the same thing everyday. It's really sien one...I can't imagine doing the same thing everyday for the next 20 years? 
I like to do things that require skill. Not everyone can do it. the only thing to do it right is hardwork and consistency. I have that. Skill that constantly needed to brush up to keep the pace on. 
I know what my strength is. I am hardworking when it comes to work. I want to be better than anyone else. I want people to praise Thanks to industry training (still on it now :D). I even find that work requires more skills and more skills.

Wondering......and keep wondering!


Jake said…
You can figure out things that you passionate about its matter of time only. Never try never know!
MeowMeowQian said…
I don't know what I am really passionate about >.<

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