Mulu, Sarawak Trip

Mulu National Park is the home of many caves in Borneo island. Trust me, you will miss it! Because I do! 

This shall be the details of my trip from the start to the end..This is so important because our 3rd anniversary spent here!

It was a 4 days 3 nights trip. AND IT'S NOT ENOUGH!
We departed from Miri airport to Mulu early in the morning. We reached Mulu airport at around 10 am (two flights daily from Miri to Mulu; morning and afternoon) and there will be people waiting to pick travellers up to Mulu National Park. The fee per person is RM5 (updated May 2015).

Before that, here's us! Mandatory picture for every traveller ! :D

Mr H on the show! 
That's me! Woo my new Oasis sport shoe spotted! I'm so tanned because I just came back from snorkelling (a lot!) Spot the super tiny calf too! It's all about angles beb! 
Okay, we reached the national park very early and we went to booked our activities for the day! Before that, we searched for what we wanted to do during the trip. We wanted to see the pinnacles! So, there goes 3 days 2 nights. You can read more at here to know on the activities they offer. Caution: Plan beforehand !

Oh ya, the ticket entry into the National park is RM15 (Malaysian adult) and foreign RM30.

After settling our accomodation for 1st night (we were staying in the park for the first night) and all the payments for the activities and all etc, we went for our brunch! Guess what we had! (Ohh ya, remember to bring enough cash along with you because there is no cash machine!)

Nasi lemak! Taste nice! 4 stars rated (Y) 

Nasi goreng sambal 4 stars rated ! :D

We sat by the bay? near the river. How can we not enjoy this ?!

Next, we went to all the free treks and trails. 

1. Tree top tower (You have to pay RM50 deposit to get the keys) to view exotic birds. However, God forbids us to catch anything on the top of the tower (Not even a bird LOL but a lot of bees and butterflies). It was quite tall too (I forget how tall it is). If you are scare of height, don't! By as well as don't travel! Because things are marvelous when you are at the top! I am scared of height actually! But, it's just the fear stuck in my mind. I still did it though!

This is the tree top tower
Someone peeping through this hole for creatures on the trees! 

2. Mulu botanical heritage trail

This is just a 3km trail ? showing really old trees and many many botanical things. hahahaha

3. Deer and lang caves (guided with RM 30 per head) Went into the caves and saw....numerous amount of guano (bats dungs) on the ground and covered with a lot a lot of insects!
This is worms! so tiny that I feel its the stomach worm :O I forget what its called already
See the bat exodus? They are forming some kind of pattern to come out of the cave together in order to shooo away potential predators such as snakes at the opening of the cave. According to the guide I heard.

Pardon my ugly face >.> This is the spot where we waited for the bats! Actually it felt so good and nice to lay down there and enjoy the forest breeze. lol really!!
After visiting the caves, we waited for about half an hour to see the bat exodus! Its so amazing when you see the bats are flying out of the cave. You feel so wonderful ! LOL

But it drizzled and we were still laying on the bench to watch the bats! By the time we finished watching the bats, it was already late evening. The sky started to turn dark! Super adventurous because we still have 3 km to reached our hostel. To add salt into injury, halfway through the journey it rained!! and it was damn damn dark! Luckily we had our torchyyyy! And we have our umbrellas :D

Drenched and famished (We did not bring any snacks along T_T) ! We went to the cafe and had our dinner!


This was taken using my Iphone. My camera lens having problem at this hour T_T

Salted river water due to the guano

Here's my mee goreng basah! 

Nasi goreng kampung! 
I find their food is special because they added in paku pakis into every meal. And most of the people eating there will order a plate of paku pakis. lol I like it :D Typing this is making me feel so emo la, I want to go back! along with MrH of course!

So our first day ended with super cold night! (Which I missed it so much when I went to Camp 5)

Day 2

Woke up early in the morning to have our breakfast (FOC due to staying at the national park) at the same cafe (only one cafe in the park, there is the other cafe outside the park which is cheaper but it is opening only at 11 am D: )

Ordered our breakfast and taddaaaaa. Got atas feel. Everything tasted so good even though its just plain. idk why...hahahah..

Mrh ordered pancake
western breakfast ahahhaa
The breakfast came with free flow of drinks! Drink all the coffees and teas ~~~ :D

Pardon my fat face please! >.< 
After that, we checked out our rooms (Forget to take the picture of our room. It is the cheapest whith RM50 per head per night where you share the room with others. You are given blanket and bedsheets too. No worries). There are other types of rooms too. Of course $$$ :D


We took 7 hours and 30 minutes to arrive Camp 5 (the place we slept before climbing the pinnacles). That was including visitation to a Penang village selling their authentic handmade things ranging from bracelets, keychains to traditional musical insruments. Also, to the Wind Cave and Clearwater Cave (Additional RM 30 per head).

All the expanses from pinnacles climbing was RM430. This does not include meals. All the meals are prepared by ourselves and we needed to carry all the ingredients into Camp 5. We bought cooking ingredients such as spagethis and canned food in Miri before we depart to Mulu. Because buying there is extremely expensive!

We were on the boat already!
As you can see, the boat is not speedboat. I'm fucking scared of it so I stayed calm and quiet on the boat at all times.

The size of the boat is the size of an "angmo" (caucasian) which equals to two of us (asians). 
This is using your nose to blow some music. So special yet funny. hahahaha! 

We stopped at a Penan village where they sell things. I think nobody buy anything except us. We bought a couple bracelet!

You can see the rocks through the water! If the water are not high enough, we need to push the boat at certain area. We brought our rubber shoes so we did not wet our sport shoes for the hiking next day.

See the rocks?!
Went to the caves

This is out boat, parking outside of caves.

After "caving" activity, we had our packed lunch!

my mee goreng mamak that did not do any justice D:
looking shocked? lol
 After lunch break, its time to go! It takes about another one hour hour to reach the "sort of jetty". 

We needed to walk for about 2 and a half hour to reach the Camp 5! That was exhilarating journey though! With all the bags you need to carry. Bear in mind not to bring too heavy things! No need to bring water too! It was provided at the camp. Remember to bring torchlight and batteries (Headlight is convenient) because the camp does not supply us with electricity after 9 pm!

This is taken from our hostel!

The view at the river next to our hostel! Taken with Iphone5s. So nice right? The water is so cold too! Beware of sandfly too!

The next day, we started our journey as early as 6.00 am and we reached the top at 10 am! Breath taking scenery! CAUTION: IF YOU ARE NOT PHYSICALLY FIT, DO NOT GO FOR THIS ACTIVITY BECAUSE ITS QUITE DANGEROUS! USEFUL ITEMS: GLOVES.

We started hike down at 10.30 and only reached Camp 5 at about 4pm! Imagine how hard it was to go down! My knees hurt and sore because I was kneeling when went down because its too steep T_T

This was our group! All caucasians and a china man. They are so good and fit! 
Mulu National park is a World Heritage equivalent to the Stonehenge in England, the Beijing Great wall and so on. And a lot of angmos know Mulu because it is popular in their countries! And looking at the number of angmohs, you can guess its real. Where as it is not famous in Malaysia though. No idea why lol. 

Here's us :D
Some more photos! :D Definitely worth the tiredness and challenges we faced !  

After that we took plane back to Miri and rest for the rest of the day! 

Lesson learnt: Don't give up no matter how tired you are! 

Extra: Deeply thanks to Mrh for the support and all. xoxo


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