Owh, it's August already!

I know I have been missing for such a long period of time. I'm sorry. 

Writing this, I had already experienced the last semester of degree course which is the internship. Tomorrow will be the last day I worked in the hospital laboratories. This is the first time I worked officially and the experience I had is indescribable as they are very minute details which I bet you do not understand anyway. 

Overall, I am glad to be able to get through the procedures and worked in a government hospital. After this, I am jobless! I promised myself to get myself a job in 6 months! I want to start earning for myself! I can't wait to be financially independent! I don't like to get money from parents anymore! So, whatever it is, I got to work hard for now! :D (that is if I get a job first)

So, I made a lot of plans. I have been thinking a lot lately. Its not tiring but it seems so vague because I still don't know what I really like. I had experience working in the hospital laboratories. Its not as bad as it is. I told my friends, I feel bored after a long time because you know all the steps and all you need to do is to repeat it everyday. 

But all boils down to.... I can foresee I will be successful one day. Superwoman :) 

I have been reading a lot too! A lots! Can you imagine I finished three books in two weeks time ? I can't believe but I did it because in the last two weeks, the workload is 10%. You spend the rest of the 90% doing your own things. I brought my laptop and finished my full report already. I left with slides and preparation for my presentation. That's it and I am bound to graduate in no time! 

Three more days till my birthday and I am really 22 and growing up already. What a big girl ! I can drive better now because I used to drive in my 3 months in hometown. I even fetch my friends! You know how I did that? I told myself, "成功的女人,要会驾车!" This words make me strong! :D

August has been passing real fast and I wished it could stay longer but the world is spinning and circling. Its been a very very good month because all the good things come to me. I don't know why but Thank God for all. Thank you. 

Also, the strength I have to work out after working everyday (First 2 months) now deteriorate become alternate two days I do once. I know I need to be strong in order to be successful! I want abs, I want good figure. This is my time. I got to strive everything I have. From daily measurements of 55-57 kg, it becomes 51-52 kg. I still eat a lot but the only thing I do is I sweat a lot. I exercise myself. I hike, I jog, I lift. When I look at the little strands of lines forming on my stomach, I work harder. I count and count and count. My stomach feels tighten a lot. I still have a 2 cm flabby stomach to boil! That will be when my body weight reaching 45-48 kg :D 

So happy when my body is happy :) 

Let's work hard to our vaguely dreams. 


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