How to make long distance relationship works?

Well, I am in the middle of the sea (Hahahah. Just kidding). I am in the middle of errrr, long distance relationship (It's not that long actually O3O). We just met few weeks ago when I fly back to uni for my internship presentation.

So, I was pretty bored here, at home. succumb to eat play sleep (x100) daily. Then, I want to blog because my English is deteriorating and I speak Mandarin at home and no one speaks English with me unless I go out with some bananas. Also, I am bored XXXX times which is most of the times.

You'll see. How to deal with long distance relationship? You love him/her, but you are from different places but you still want to be together. How?

Disclaimer: All are my opinions, my experience.

1. Stay connected.

Albeit it be Skyping, Facebook, Whatsapps, Line, Wechat etc etc, YOU MUST STAY CONNECTED. You cannot be lazy. I don't think someone will be lazy to stay connected with the ones you love. Daily "good mornings" or "goodnights" should be more than enough. Well, I don't good mornings but I for sure will good nights :D Also, make sure at least you hear each other's voices la for like one week once? Even if it's just for a short while.

2. Understand his routine

Make sure you know his routines like you are beside him. You can make a correct guess what is he doing right now. Of course, to understand his routine, you need to talk to him, listen to him. Or might as well, live his life for a while (Like me). Hahahaha.

3. Occasionally do something special

Something special means, it can be as simple as posting a picture about us on Instagram or Facebook or anywhere that your message can be delivered to him indirectly. You actually feel good when someone take notice of you right (Don't lie :D). Especially him/her. Cause that means he/she thought of you. Its always the thought that counts (for girls :D)

4. Be mushy in words.

Because you can touch him, you must be able to turn your words like you can feel him beside you. What I mean is like, don't be too serious in words. Something that you type can make him smile/laugh. It's stupid but it works on your serotonin level ok. You feel happy your another one also feel happy.

5. Plan for a gateaway

What is the best moment for LDR? Meeting him/her!!! When is the moment both of you will be meeting each other? A trip! A planned trip. Though its money and time consuming but what you get in the end is all worth it. A couple who does not meet is definitely not in a relationship. LDR couples do/must meet, just that the amount of time they meet each other is shorter than not meeting each other. Of course, LDR is just temporary (Might be 1 2 3 4 5 years?) It is not gonna last forever.

6. Trust

Have faith in your partner. Both of you must be able to trust each other. One sided trust also futile. How to get this trust? Its hard. Its all in your mind though. I don't know how trust comes by. Maybe it comes from your instincts? Maybe you can try this (Put your hands on your right chest and knock it hard 3 times, ask yourself, "Do you trust him/her that you can let him know anything ugly about yourself?" If you started to think, you might not trust him/her 100%. Haha, if you just say yes without thinking anything, maybe hes/shes the one).

Well, I hope you can at least get some idea how I do here. All the best in your relationship!


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