Look forward, people!

At this age of my life, I am pretty loss

I don't know what to do with my life

I have no direction

Where I should go
Where I should head to
Where is my next station
Where I should belong
What should I do
Most importantly,

What and where is my dream ? (Looking at the sleeping cat next to me...)

Dream car? Owh, its a pink Mazda 2..
Dream house? I want to live with the nature, exactly like what I have seen an uncle did last year, he has a land in the woods and his house is so exotic and he's damn rich. 
Dream boy? Yes, I have him already :D
Dream life? Healthy, fit and pretty. lol with a lot of money. and my beloved and many children that I can afford. lols

Hmmm. hope that one day I can really achieve all these.
I know getting those is MY LIFE.
That is definition of LIFE.

Remind myself; at this moment of my life, its part of my life C=



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