Why Facebook?

Because of boredom, I was searching for some topics to blog about. I wanna do this #everyday #one #post

So I found this "facebook" topic.

Facebook, when you google Facebook, 16,330,000,000 posts popping out. By far, this is the most posts that I found. Even lesser than that "P". (I hope you're not that innocent) Thank you Mark for creating Facebook for us. Nowadays, Facebook has become a routine to us. Who doesn't own an account on Facebook? Everyone has it except the 1950s, 1940s or 1930s, I think.

"F" for facebook instead. hahah.

So why do you actually play Facebook? Have you ever wonder why?

1. I play it because everyone is playing it.

Back then it was 2009 when Facebook started to get attention from people all over the world. It was this Friendster before Facebook. Now that Friendster has turned into a gaming platform, (owh, it has stopped this platform liao, I just checked). Friendster is more likely used by Malaysians and Singaporeans because its Malaysian made. So Facebook overtook Friendster in such a glorious way. Social networking requires people and more people. If you play, I play! Hence the more people is playing it, the more and more people will be propelling towards it.

2. It's free!

Who doesn't love free stuffs? Especially Malaysians. My mum loves free stuffs. I love free stuffs too. Who doesn't! If Mark decided to add annual fees, I got to say he's going to throw shit into his own face.

3. I want to stalk people

Since everyone is playing it, of course this stalking people comes easy along the way. Don't lie to me you don't stalk your ex bf/gf. You stalk people in a healthy way too. You stalk your friends, your relatives by just few clicks on your fingers.

4. I need it for assignments

Yes, this is so true! After every semester you tend to look at the amount of groups you had created or entered. So much! With the ability to post documents and all, its so easy to do corrections and so on. Group discussions can be done too anytime anywhere.

5. Get updates

You get numerous true/false updates from Facebook. I don't read news but I read Facebook. lol You gets updates who broke up who emo who make up who get married. All sorts of updates can be found there.

6. Find bf/gf

Lol. This might not true for all.

7. No other choice

A very valid reason, at least for me. Is there anything that can beat Facebook? I am doubting but I'm sure in the future there will be.

There are more reasons why do you "Facebook". Of course, ups and downs. Facebook has its downside too. I will blog about it tomorrow.


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