My Graduation Day!

27 March 2016 marks the end of my university life.

Its a ceremony where your parents enter the hall to view you on the stage for erm, 30 seconds. HAHA!

Okay pictures time ! Let me go by caption style blogging (cause im that lazy :P)

these girls celebrated my first birthday in Kampar eventhough there was miderm coming up! love them so much! at least im not alone :D! (meisin on the left and amelia ng in the middle)

oh my baby! known this lady; yenfern! since degree year 1 and she is very friendly! love her bubbly girl talk! *insert loves* 

These awesome ladies whom already working, thank you for taking pic with me yo! :D

foundation friends whom i treasure a lot! :D

Jq whom always fetch mrh and i when we don't have options. Thank you lak! all the best in your career and stay sweet with yuki!

harpreeet! the mc guy who always tease me *insert fists emoji*

whiliks, known him from tae kwon do whom both of us left because we were too busy lol

Ms Yap! my cell biology teacher ! (aih there's a better pic but i'm super lazy to upload it from phone)

Roger! my cousin (never meet him for like 6 years cause he busy guy bah) drove all the way from butterworth to attend my convocation! luckily he were there, or else my mum and sis will be bored! 

kimichi aka huijing! hahahha bubbly girl too! glad that i've  known u! 

ah tong, president list guy in my batch! too smart

simon, english speaking guy (feels like i meet my schoolmates; a josephian :D)

my short sis hahahaha

this two couple! always that sweet! *loves*
both left; vuikit and right guy;sayang are the ones I met from organizing Los Regalos prom night! They are super senior and very mature tho (no idea who is another guy graduating one because I am just random like that, rushing bah, no time to take pics one by one hahahahhahaha think back I feel stupid)

my sis, cousin and mum :D 

well, he gave me this huge hello kitties bouquet! previously i asked him to buy me flowers because i scare no flowers bah, but he actually bought these! TT must be expensive! *inserts many love emojis*

yikuan, the fairest lady i've known ! sweet lady i known from prom night too! 

couple and couple! chin nam(always that cool) and xinyi(always that calm)! stay sweet yo!

weekee! foundation friend aka agri friend :D 

hello mum, miss u o! thanks for coming! love u!

omg with the strong people aka lecturers in my course!(left to right) Thanks to Ms Alicia for AnP teaching!, Mr Yuen for endo and immuno (don't ask me to answer question >.<)! Dr. Sit my beloved advisor!!!!!, and Dr. Phoon for genetics and med genomics!!    

Charmaine!!! glad to know you!

Yuki!! very very good candidate to become wife! creative and good cook and good baker!!!

shanly pro in badminton leh!!!!!!! glad to know you! 

ah mok! the awesome singer and super cute friend! 

carlos! aka lecturer aka friend! future dr. too! :P i don't know how i know you (most probably is through mrh) also but somehow we can click together :D 

zihao! he is the most stylish kpop in the class liao

yeeleng! very very sweet girl in my course!

sakunie! won't forget this kelantanese and thailand mix girl ! 

annchee! pretty girl but too thin!! 

Nelly! known her from tae kwon doo and we both went for exam for the first belt and dissappear from the club after that HAHAHAHHAH also same hometown! very good friend :D

cindy and xinyee, penangites. their names rhyme right hahaha! 

yz! penangite too! enjoy your one year in Perth ya! 

thanks all!these are foundation friends too! they are very very very nice friends! glad to know you all! and i miss the times when we hangout together and play medusa. lol

with the ladies :D all so sui! 

albee hock!!! the girl whom I always can click with when the group hang out! miss those times we have steamboat together! :D 

fred! my lab officer who helped us a lot during fyp! (allowing us to stay back :D)

another sweeeet couple ! jieying and autumn! they are so friendly ! 

chuin ye(graduating one) funny guy and thanks to his very fierce face for dealing with hit and run case!!! damn memorable!

randomly took this for mrh's aiesec friends (aihss, regret i didn't join cause he has so many friends from other faculty! hahahaha; regret that I didn't stay firm in tae kwon doo oppppps!) 

last but not least, my beloved scroll (how much does this cost tho? 49 K?)
Being a graduate does not really really define you anything but it is the thing that you do in the near future which will determine what and where your true value is. Contribute to the society, to the environment, in the righteous way as it is. I know real world life is cruel, but that depends on how you see the world! (for now lol)

Ever heard of, 

graduation is not the end, but it's the beginning? (I bet you all do cause I feel it, right on my left chest)

Let me begin by marking a fullstop for this chapter and pull a new blank page for Chapter 2 (which will start tomorrow as I will begin my first day of job! wish me luck!)

Till then, bye!


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