Perhentian Trip aka Graduation Trip

I felt bored now, because erm nothing to do ? 

So I was thinking of blogging the previous trip I have in Perhentian Island. It was a huge group and also a graduation trip! (Most of them are all my foundation friends except that I was in another course and they are all biotechnology people, I was following my boy :D)

We took night bus from Penang Nibong Tebal bus station to Terengganu jetty. It was a long journey tho! We reached at dawn, around 4 am something. Then we had to wait there for our tour guide to bring us to the island! We were staying at the Big Perhentian :D There is another small perhentian island. (I fall in love with beaches! tho I turned like a bakgua skin)

These were the group leaving from Penang!
Because our group is too big, so we needed to part away. Not using the same boat to the island. (I had totally forget about the time travelled from the jetty to the island because it was toooooo long ago, forgive me :'D)  

Byeeee-hhhhh see you all later at the island!
So four of us on another boat!
This is Yuki, the closest friend in the group :D

Four of us behind with another unknown group hahhahaha! So cool we all had sunglasses! Thankfully I bought mine in F21 so casually! (now the glass is full of scratches! )

This is the first lunch I had. Its buffet style that are included in the package
By the way, the package for 3 days 2 nights trip is around RM400 + (I totally forgotten how much but its around that price, not included transportation fee)

Well, snorkeling and the activities are included as well so that we do not have to plan our own activities
this is me, in my pinky swimsuit!

Tadaaaa thanks to MrH for bringing me along!

Look at the sea!

we were hanging out by the beach~

Wefie on the beach! Well pardon my awkward arm there! I wish I had brought a cute sexy swimming suit T_T

Hahahahah having funs after the last finals!

Love this pic!

Asked them to take this pic tho! another 4 girls are gone lol

Pointing fingers style ahahaha

They were here!

It was someone's birthday and I totally forget who. Sandy I guess! and few more people~(how can my memory deteriorated so badly lol)

If im not mistaken this is the next day breakfast!

And its snorkelling day!!!!!!

The back people :D


pretty waves isn't it

Sea cucumber? lol

The boy behind was just 13 years old, I forgot his name already. lol He brought me around cause I was really slow but hes really good in swimming eh. I wish I can too!

Stupid photo i randomly chooose to upload hahahaha

more of the group! Thanks to yuki taking this pic!
nice pic! this was in redang!

So good eh my camera :D

The four girls hahaha

and one guy ahhahaha

me and my mrh!

love this picture!

Another one taken with my camera! So good eh! my camera works very great under the BIG HOT SUN
us again with mrh's go pro! i only remember the terribly hot weather here and baby sharks sightseeing. The ripples made me feel dizzy too T_T
And then we needed to wash ourselves with clean water if not our private parts got rusty LOL (according to the guide)

love this photo too!

so its sandy, and xinyi birthdays! hahahahha

Group photo with my pinky!Toooooo far liao la photographer!


kamekameha! (the photo is too dark)

The jumping group!
Me and yuki we wanted to do love shape but but but... aftercountless of shots stll cannot get it

And this is the stupidest picture among all (AHAHHAHAHHA!)

Let me end my post with this pic :D

p/s: actually there are videos recorded but hor, we are too lazy to do so maybe one day we will do it? Sorry yo~


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