My first experience on Penang Bridge FULL marathon 2016

Over the past 23 years, the number of marathons I have joined more or less around ten times! All of them are 5km, 10 km, 12km, 8km and 21km(once). 

I took part in FULL marathon(FM). Yesterday. 

One word. What did I learn from this FM.

No pain no gain. Hahahaha! 

I have no idea why I would start joining marathons. But, I feel I need and should do something which is grand, something that I can be proud of. FM it is. Hahahahah! 

The first time I joined marathon was my school marathon. I forget how long was the marathon but I definitely cannot forget I still entitled a consolation prize which was 3 bars of soap when I reached the finishing line. So happy yet so funny I would say, about the soap. Lol what a cheap prize is that. What I really gained is self satisfaction when I still can make it for top 10. Started to doubt about my strength. How far can I go?

Maybe that's when I started to place an interest in marathon. 

I missed the first run in my university because I was scared to run alone, nobody among my female friends were interested in joining. When I realised I need to join it even though I was alone, it was too late to register. Then in the subsequent years, I never miss the run. Hahahaha. Good girl! Cause MrH joined with me! 

And so, here comes the FM.

I woke up abruptly when it was almost the time to go for the run. (Still damn sleepy)

One day before the marathon, my friend who was supposed to run with me told me that she was infected with dengue fever. Feel bad for her. She was the one who initiated my spirit to join FM. I would never thought of joining if its not because of her who asked me, wanna join? I even told her you can do it as long as you don't stop. Then we signed up. 

I was little bit of query whether to go or not when she told me the bad news. 

Nevertheless, I still go for it because I feel I do not want to waste my money and fucking get that finisher t shirt. WTF

Somemore , MrH did it last year. He came back tripping but hey, he did it! Here comes my thought, I also can do it what. Why not? 

And so, off I went. 

Because the road was blocked, I needed to walk to the starting point for a little while. Yes, started my run earlier hahahaha! 

During the entire journey, generally I am talking with myself of all times. 

The first 15km I was running. I did not use any running app but occasionally runners pass by with their app speaking how long did they run. Twice, I was heartbroken when I heard how many km has passed. One was 8km. Another was 12km. What a long journey I still have! 

I fucking hate the slopes to the brigde. 

I reached the starting part of the bridge at 4 am. I was thinking, within another 4.30 mins I think I can finish the whole bridge. I was wrong! 

While I was on the bridge, MrH texted me telling me “加油!相信自己” well, I ran a little after the text. Was delighted why he haven't sleep at this hour then I realised that he just finished watching his football match. Expected. But that run did not stay long. 
Hahahha so sad! Too late to disappoint. 

One thing I felt extremely disappointed is I haven't got to drink even a cup of fucking 100 plus until I reached the bridge. Everytime I saw the water station, there wasn't any 100 plus. They told me, 100 plus next station.  Eventhough the cup printed was 100plus. Cheated my feelings. Economy really that bad huh? 🤔🤔🤔 or maybe I was too late?

I drank two cups of 100 plus in one go when I saw them. 

Yay. I ran a bit after that. 

The timekeeper was never in front of me. Very super de sad. 

They are always opposite me! Felt like dashing to keep up with them but mentally and physically unfit. 

When I finally saw the 30 km signboard, I was like, omfg. Should I be able to finish this in 1 hr and 30 mins? Cause it was 7 am already. 8.30 am was the qualification time. Could I? I started to run after the signboard and stopped to catch my breath. Here comes a guy, who sort of motivated me, he said, 10 km more! Felt motivated for a while. Then we chitchat for a while (I think it was a mistake! I should stop talking and keep running) he tried to chat with me but I wasn't so interested in keeping up the chat. Then he got me a bottle of water and I refused it but then he still pass it to me. I drank half a mouth and threw the bottle away. Cause it was heavy. Sorry! And I was carrying my big pack of gummies which I didn't finish.

I stopped to bend my knees because they have been straight for such a long time. The policeman stopped to tell me, "Miss kalau tak boleh, boleh naik bas nanti." I replied okay okay. Hello! Never in my mind I thought of going back by bus! So embarrassing for myself. My high self esteem will be intoxicated and never recover again! 

The good news is, I did it! The buses went by and it was full of people (very sad ah, they started to go back liao and cleaning the roads) I realised I was very very de late and behind the schedule. 

I finally saw the 5km signboard. Fucking fucking happy and sad as well. It was 8.30am already. TT

I walked, I still didn't make any effort in running. Feet got sore. 

When I saw the 4km signboard, after a while MrH called me, that was around 8.55 am saying faster liao, still can get medal! Ahhahaha he sort of motivated me a little bit but qb is still so far away from my sight TT 

Cursing all the way in my mind haahahhahaha!

So I still put some hope to get those goodies but then, I didn't get it. TT 

Finished the FM in 8 hrs. 

Well, What's done is done. I can only blame myself for not training and not trying very hard for it. 

Maybe, next year? 

Let me think twice. Hahahahaha! 

This is me! still smiling after the FM because no use to cry lol 😂  
This is me without finishing medal and tee but still smiling(if not cry meh) hahahhaha

Perseverance , secret to all triumphs. 


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