How this OKU Uber lady taught me a lesson

I wanted to appreciate myself before the second oncall of the year.

So yeah, appreciate huh. How? By treating myself some "good" food. So off I dashed to Gurney plaza after work to get some xxl size of fried chicken chop which I longed for during the day. (Oh fuck, now I hate chicken chop liao!)  

It was raining. I decided to call Uber. 

Requesting...requesting...nearby drivers...(if you are frequent Uber users you will know what I mean)

So here comes a lady in the picture. It was very rare to see a lady Uber driver (cause you all know what bias we always accuse on lady driver wtf I don't deny that because I am one Hahahha) 

Hey, I waited for her like 5 mins and she reached. I quickly dashed into the car because it was raining and quietly sat behind. 

It was dark already and couldn't really grab the look of the lady driver. Anyway, its okay. So I just sat there and something caught my attention. She was only using her left arm to drive. It was only after a few minutes then I realised that she was handicapped! Handicapped as in she only have one mobilizing arm which is the left arm. (Hell no, I don't know whether she has another arm or what cause I don't want to peek at her which is rather disrespectful though) I looked for something to prove my eyes and confirmed my query. She didn't talk to me at all because well, awkwards. Hahahaha. And I have no idea what to talk about so I remained silent. 

Yes! I realised that there was an OKU sticker placed at the windshield. Then I confirmed that she was really really handicapped because I was not very sure in the first place. 

Okay, I was trying to stay calm because I never sit in an OKU driver's car before. (Not to despise the OKU but just a normal reaction though) 

Well, I reached home safely and having some thoughts here there and I decided to pen this down. (Rainy night makes me think more...)

Experience this quite unusual thing, I would say that I learnt something. I salute her for this! It was rather respectful for her to be able to drive using one arm (that was like God of all drivers in the world wth I have two arms but I can't drive with one arm) and earn for a living despite her disability. 

How many people in this world would really REALLY appreciate what they have in hands in any terms?  

Or can this be the lemonade we make of when life gives us lemon? Or lemon cake? Hahahahha. 

Let us all ponder about it... 


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