I got myself a new laptop!

hi new laptop! Wanted to get the pink one but unfortunately they are out of stock and the new batch of stock wont be this price D:

Hey everybody!

I am so happy with my new laptop after being laptop-less for more than a year. Ever since I did the last presentation in my uni, it blackened out right after presentation and I pronounced the death of my 4 years old laptop! Thanks for serving me so long !

And now.....

Rebirth of my new laptop!  and I am blogging using it! Gotta love it more and more. Got to blog more often to revive my blogging life!

Been reading a book entitled "The girl with seven names" which is quite a popular book since its international bestseller. I always believe in the title they gave to the book. Gotta blog about it after finishing it ! :D

Byeh! Gotta do some reading before my sleeping time!


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