The girl with seven names. Definitely a good book.

This is my first fiction book (I always thought fiction is a boring type but uhhh no, this book is not dull at all). The girl with seven names, the title itself already caught my attention and in my mind, I decided to bring it home.

Exactly. My thought was right.

I get bored easily when I read non-fictions (I have tonnes of non fictions back at home, collected them when I was teen) So I decided to try fictions (Well, maybe I was growing up..ahhahah young adult, you name it)

This book makes me wonder why, why a girl has seven names. You gotta read this because so far as I know its a true story. And to name it, I am always wondering how does North Korea looks like. Because its rumours that the country is still in  60s, 70s era while the other countries already in 21st century greatly surprised me when I got to understand it. Hence, I understood after reading this. The politics and all.


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