Me and 2017

"It's 2nd of January 2017!"

Wow, so fast. Good times always go so quickly. Like a lightning bolt. I love good times.

This year, I want to feel that I give all of my strength, I want to make use of every minutes doing things that benefited myself. Yes, I am selfish. always. 

I want to find myself.

But how?

I want to discover things that I have yet to try. Things that might click in my mind that makes me feel excited everytime I think about. Like how I drank alcohol causing the heart to pump so fast that I ought to feel it outside my body. 

I wanted to increase my knowledge about the world. Whether its stocks, latest news, gossips, literally everything. whether its just a simple as how to use credit card to fuel up. whether how to cook a simple dish. All those little things, I find it easy, and yet to discover it. 

I wanted to learn more chinese words because partly, because I am a Chinese and I think a Chinese who does not know his/her language is like a lost soul who will never get to discover the truth about itself. I felt shameful when I tell people I do not know much Chinese words. In a year, I wanted to be able to tell people that I understand Chinese and maybe, learn some dialects. They said, what makes you and I different is your respective culture, values that we have within ourselves.

I want to spend my time more on readings. All kinds of readings. A-Z please.

Okay I think its time for some readings!


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