Langkawi Trip with buddies ^3^

What says you when you heard of Langkawi?
CHEAP beers and chocolates.

Langkawi is an island in Kedah, Malaysia laying on the straits of  malacca. It can be reached by using ferry and airplane. I took airplane from Penang which is less than 30 mins on air. If you wish to take a look at how dirty the ocean is (no offence because Malaysia is a country rich of petroleum so the sea is going to be dirty here and there), you can always take the ferry to Langkawi which is 3 hrs of ride.

Basically Langkawi is for people who loves having beers all day long (defintely not me :P)
We did mangrove tour and also riding the cable car (caution! if you are scared of heights think twice of going up) and the skybridge (10 mins walk and RM 5 per entry) 

short post here though, just jump into photos because im lazy like that :P

Girls never take enough photos. I love photos! :P we woke up early morning and went to the beach in our bikinis :P for photos hahhhahah.

What pose is this hahahaha.

terbalik. actually jolene can pose really natural eh :P I was entirely a log here. (proven by jiunnharng he says im a log, my bones are -.-)

We stayed at this malibest hotel and had terrible night (unluckily we had the noisiest bitches next door during the first night and we opted to change room the next day FOL) 

Love this photo a lot! We were at the skybridge~ sweating like hell but still looking good :P

One of the trademark of Langkawi was this fellow behind us.

So happy :D
We have been apart for some time and its the first time we get together after all these years. 
All of us have our own stories and I am really glad to spend these days with all of you! 
No matter what happens to us in life, do remember to keep in touch because all of you are part of my life <3 nbsp="" p="">

Remember to take care of yourselves no matter where you all are. Doing what your loves are and never stay regret of them, because life is all about that

Gambate, my friends! sending loves OOOOOO


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