Before dawn

Being a human being in this huge and wide world, you are just a tiny piece of rock. I know its hard to walk out of your comfort zone because it is not easy as abc.

I did.

I walked out from the job I had for 2 years. I resigned. I finally resigned. Its hard to make this decision. I have the decision in my mind for a while and it was happening already. It took me less than an hour to write my resignation letter because you know Dr. Google is there. You sort of just have to change the date and time. Thank God I have Google because my English has been deteriorating ever since I completed my SPM examination. Ughhh, really miss those moments when I got A+++ for my english essays.

I told my parents and they were erm, okay with it I guess. My mum asked me, "What are you going to do then?". Erm, "I'm not sure for now, I will see how it goes when the time comes." Nobody knows I still have nothing on my mind while worrying whether I have enough savings to cover up or not.

I wanted to do something big. Something recognized. Something people will go ooze around. But, what it is? I don't want to stay in the hospital all day long...

I believe most of the population in the world doesn't know what they really want in life. So do I. It takes time. of course I will grab every chance I have!



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