Rejoice Malaysia! Voice of a political noobie

I know nothing about elections, politics and all except for Najib was my ex prime minister, Lim Guan Eng is chief minister of Penang, Taib mahmud is the chief minister of Sarawak and thats it for my political knowledge (Pardon me but my history subject in SPM was A+ and I studied just for the sake of studying :P look at how our education taught us be or maybe I was really ignorant about it because its not important) Don't be upset at me because I know most of the ladies are having the similar thought as I have. blekkkk

Well, to date, I think I have better outlook on my country's politics and what is happening around us. Got to thank the person (right now just next to me) still watching live updates >_>

I went back three days earlier form the date of election because flight ticket is cheaper (yes, I am as poor as that loh) Of course, everything went well till the day of election. I was being ecstatic because its my first time as a voter and feeling of being an adult. (HAHAHA)

My dad and uncle were being very energetic and supportive to drive up to small town (a rural place named Marudi; which took about one hour and a half from Miri) to send my grandma for voting early in the morning. On the other hand, after having breakfast my mum and I (first time voters and won) went to vote and I finished my vote in less than 5 minutes (maybe even lesser) whilst my mum needed to queue up for like half an hour because her saluran has more people.

 I thought I was voting for the wrong person/group in the first place because everything was done too quickly that I doubt what did I just do. (hahahaha, nervous until like that meh)
I still remember how excited it is to scroll down my instagram and its whole lots of index fingers popping out for at least a minute. (never been so happy and excited about index finger LOL)

Anyway, we went home and waited for results. (I slept at 1 am because fed up with the delayed of the results, and wondering if that happens to any other country. The next day I woke up with no black pictures on facebook, Glory to the God!)

Being advised under the same government for 60 years and OH YEAH, WE FINALLY CHANGED THE GOVERNMENT! 

Although Sarawak is still under the old government but I can slowly see the change in people there. Anyway, I am looking forward to our new and oldest prime minister in the world; Tun Mahathir and so forth. Whoever is ruling the country, I hope there is no corruption and dirty tricks anymore and of course a more peaceful country! (Does that mean, working with the government gets better now? maybe want to start applying :D)

To the new Malaysia, can't wait to see the change in you! (Not denying that I love my country more after the change for now)

Proudly displaying my index finger dipped with RM48,000 ink. 


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