I am questioned a lesbian?

LOL. Indeed I am.

Today I stayed back for after school for the magazine club thingy. It was boring. I just went there and took their attendance as I am the noob secretary and copy the captions into someone's laptop. And that's it. I got more thing to do next week. Argh~!!


Kele and I went to the canteen and bought some keropoks (: Then, while eating we walked till the basketball court and sat, started our talkings. Hmm, we talked a lot of things. There were boys playing basketball and suddenly, a guy came and asked

" Are you two lesbian??! "


We just laughed loudly and he just walked. It was totally unbeliveable. Did we do things that make him questioned us whether we are lesbian? I can't deny that 90% of the time we spent at school, we are together. Maybe they got the wrong thinking.

Nevermind nevermind. Hahah..

* Tomorrow there will be pictures on my blog..wait me!


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