My little cute plants

The photo above is what I'm going to bring to school tomorrow. Aww, no one wants to bring plants to decorate our class. So, I have to bring lah. Anyway, my mum let me to take her pots and plants to school because all in my house already half dead but still can live under my care. Heheh. I hope I bring them to school not a dead road for them.

I brought one to school last week. And I put it outside the window so that it could do photosynthesis and run its life. I don't know whther it still alive or not now. There was a day I forgot to bring it inside and I think it drank a lot of water because that day was Raining heavily. LOL. Next day then I brought it inside the class.
I don't know this plant's name la. Jinrong said why I plant grass? =.= Shit him. That plant cute right? Haha..
Sorry yah, I just too lazy to clean the pot. I just take out the old soil and scrumble it and put it back to the pot. Lazy bah, furthermore, there's a lot of mosquitoes biting me! Lol. I scare I got denggi later.


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