Da Po's 90's birthday

Gosh, the cake was so huge and tall. I could not reach the top. The cake was real though. 9 floors of cake for 90 years old. Hmm, what a good one. I am 16 this year and my cake not even reach 2 floors. LOL. One cake also don't have. I eat other people cake but I don't eat my own cake because I don't have one!LOLs...
Waaa, like this photo a lot. Reunion of cousins( my father side) but there's two little girl who was not there. What a pity one.. All of us already big big girl. Lols, *sigh* I'm not the eldest one. Lol, means that I'm younger! Ahahaha!
This shot,, what to say leh.. Hmm, yamate! LOL. I'm speechless. Having cousins are so much fun especially with kl cousins. Too bad, they are going back today. Next year hopefully they will come back here again!! :D
Mistake! Posted twice!
Hey this is my super-duper naughty cousin. His name is Danny who I posted a photo of him before this post. This little child going to turn into a handsome and adorable guy when he grow up. Agreee? Don't forget to ask me for his phone number later! LOL.
Hah! This girl carrying big big cake home and going to stuff all the cake into her stomach by herself is Danny's sister. Weee~ Ahahaha! She sure shocked of her photo at my blog. Muahaha! No offense XD The dinner was fun. Fun is fun and I'm going to strike my goal. An A++ in AM. I hope the time stopped that night. That's impossible.

Lastly, I hope my da po's will have another occasion for her 100th birthday!! That one I already reach 26 years old. Hmm, already a mature woman.. maybe already become a obstetrician/midwife. That would be much much more good. I earn money by my own. Wait for ten years later, will have another blog post of this. :D GTG!! Happy Sunday to everyone!!


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