Nothing to update lately but maybe tomorrow I will update something..
I'm short of time! Got to go.. XD

I'm back here! Lazy to click on posting a new post, I clicked the incomplete post I made yesterday night. Right now, I am at home. Having a plain Saturday at Home. Being so not busy that I can update a long post today. (Hopefully I can make it^^)

So, what do I want to post today..? I thought of something like an essay to write. My fingers are itchying right now. Come!come!~

* * * * * * * * * * *

Okay, after a while brainstorming. I was thinking of describing a weekday in this week. I hope I can recall on that day.Let's start with an early morning with cold mist around my housing area.

As I am a lazy bump, I still need my ma to call me every morning or else I will not wake up until the Sun is on top of my head. So, at 5.30a.m she brushes her teeth and switches off the security alarm in the house and came out of the room. She walks to my room and then to my brother. So, she woke me up. Then, of course I can't wake up for the first time she called. So, everytime my ma will shout "qi lai liao, yao qu du shu liao" (Wake up, time to go to school!) twice. Sometimes she even hit my leg. That is so humouring-.-

So, despite the laziness I woke up and my ma left the room strolled to kitchen for cups of Nespray milk for us. After my mum left, of course I sleep back lah. Haha, just joking. I walk to the small toilet in my room and start to clean my oily face, brush my yellow teeth that stinks. LOL. Sorry here, I want to say that I don't bath early in the morning. XD I don't have time and the water is cool like icebergs temperature in the north pole. I don't want to get sick. It's been a routine or I shoudl call it habit in my family that early in the morning we don't take bath except for my pa which is so much care about exercising in the morning. Gosh, I wish I can exercise too but time don't let me. See, my stomach is getting oilier or fatter. I don't wish to be called a "FAT" girl. No one does.

Skip that craps, so after cleaning section, I walk walk and walk to a small table to tie my messy hair. Oh, before that, I change my pyjamas into school uniform. My hair is always messy because it's curly! Sometimes, I love my hair and I also hate my hair. My hair is getting longer and the last time I cut my hair was last year end about November. So, it almost reach the butt of mine. Haha.

Hmm, bored leh my life. Okay though it's boring I still want to continue. After that, as early as 6.00 a.m. I already sat inside the car preparing to go school. Before I reach my school, my pa pick my cousin at the shop first. It has prolong my time enjoying the songs in the "aifm". Car brake's screehing and stop. As I am not a princess, I don't have to ask my pa to drive till the front gate of my school. I prefer to walk except for raining. I certainly don't want to walk in the rain though I love rains.

Then, the school is still empty. There is no shrieking prefects? Haha. I don't know why the school close the grill on the door for not letting us going in. I have to wait for 40 minutes till it is opened. So, I have to squat outside at the corridor and look like beggar. Sometimes, I do my homework, squatting. Imagine that.

Next, after the gril is opened, I walk in and start to find a broom to sweep my class. Then, walk to the Keogan hall for roll call. I thought the roll call session is for boarding school. So, next walk into the classroom and the lessons start. I am too lazy to describe any further. So, I'll stop here.

Regards everyone!


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