Yamate 2NE1!!

I have been addicted to their songs!! First time I'm so in love with this korean girl band. They rocks me you know!! I really hope that someone will buy their origiinal first mini album for me. I mean not pirated because I truly love them. Their clothings are truly awesome too!! I love them!!
OMG, I'm repeating that I LOVE them.
Sure that YOU know what or who are those cute girls!! xD I admire Sandara Park the most because she has big eyes and totally look cute!! Furthermore, Lee Min Ho kissed her before xD. Both are my idol.

As you can see from the cover, you see my both good looking idol. Eventhough you are not a fan of them, do take some time and watch the mv. I bet you will love them in no time. So cute of them together!!

If I keep continue blogging on them, my blog is going to flood with their extremely good looking faces. I better stop here. But, but, but really admire 2NE1 ability to dance. They are torturing me! Anyway, all their songs are nice to hear. I posted it on my blog though, take your time and listen especially I don't care!!

* * * *

Okay, back to reality. T_T I really love 2NE1. LOL, stop that for a second. Anyway, today I got up early first time in my holiday. After having ridiculous fun time at HQ, I went to Parkson and bought some things. That is all. Haha, nothing special about that. Okay, better stop here because the red light is there. I'm so happy lar today...

Regards everyone!


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