Okay what's done?

Ain't it looks cute?? XD

Noises aroused even though the exam had not finished. Voices of students howling and barking like dogs in my class could be heard. I wanted to be in too but in order to be so-called discipline student I failed to do so. But nevermind, I can feel the feelings of "fun" through my 6th sense.

As you can see at the saved image (corrupted by the red ink ^^) from google, it's belle's bookshop which sell expensive and luxury looking all sorts of books. Definitely I want to have a long time visiting that shop. It will be fun. So tomorrow's jogathon for my school and I will be running. I want to spend my time there!

Don't try to look down on me, XD. Actually I just want to burn my fat la. I don't want to look like kingkong and get pissed off by my friends. So, I am going to take some photos of my exercising if I get the chance to.

Onto something interesting, Click Here I'm need you guys to listen to take or even to watch the video. It's nice lah with the video. The paper couple is cute!! If you watch TV3 I'm sure you came across that one before. Though it's a short short 2 min length it remains millions of years in my heart. XD

* * * *

I scored 39 out of 75 for my English paper 2. Laugh at me ba! I'm not angry when I walked towards my English teacher and she asked me
" Jessie, you don't revise the poems it is?"
Haha, I don't like poems. I only like essays. No way to literature. I just simply touch and go for that paper.

* * *
Recently, I always be the loner. I don't know why. I sit and talk alone. Eventhough I have things that I wanted to share so much, I just console myself. It might not be a good thing or me. But.., what's the use? haha, maybe it's fated to me. No one opens the door for me eventhough I knock it. Like now, Knock Knock by Lenka is singing on the speaker. Nice! i just found a new idol ( Lenka) and I love her hair!! I wanted to straighten my hair back so that it's freaking long like hers. I love her songs with I enclosed it on the bottom of my blog. Yeah, the show is what you listening now.

It's not so long for today. So, got to go!!Facebook awaiting me

Every end is a new beginning


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