Personal Taste ^ ^

It's in the middle of night right now, exactly 1:40 am. I am wide awake now watching my korean drama series and downloading its original soundtracks. I love this drama la. It's so funny and sad at the same time.

Most importantly, the male actor; LEE MIN HO !! He is totally different in this drama but still he has a little bit stubborn in the both drama. Always that stubborn face :)

I watched till episode 2 only in Youtube which are really really clear and high quality. Thanks to the uploader! So, the girl actress was quite okay but I still prefer Minho with Hyesun.

The first episode was so funny, girl named Kaen-In woke up in a very stupid way. I love her clock! She ended up in meeting Minho fighting for taxi.
Next, they got up a bus and Minho was starring at Kae-In's butt. Haha, and then you watch it ba. It's so so so so so funny for me.

I love this photo most. Haha, fighting for game reminds me of something :)


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