Hey There Delilah

This song sound so great !

Exams are coming soon and PMS are coming soon :(

This time, I must give it a GO ! I won't be sleeping on the exam table anymore when I finished my papers but I will make full use of the time given. Check and check and check for every paper.
I always LAZY to check my papers and that's why my marks never gone up
Sadly, this is the last exam that my teachers will mark :(
At least, I maintained my average mark for this five years for every summative where I don't get 60 below. and I didn't drop out from TOP 10 :D
This Trial , average around 72+ and I want it to be 80 for the next Trial !
Can I ? ?

Sigh, going to end my life soon.Next year, where am I going to go ? ? ?
Matriculation, A-Level or STPM to pursue my study in medicine?

Let me count, around 2 years for those three mentioned above, then 5 years for medicine and maybe 3 or 4 years for specialist. Wth, 2+5+3 = 10.
Seriously, the last option was a BIG NO for me . . .
Ten more years to go? I am around, 27 years old. What the tut . . .
10 years of suffering again, with exams and all those stuff :(
My life is incomplete without exams.

* * *

The other day, God answered my prayers and I was really shocked. It did happened as what I want it to be like . . . but I won't expose to you what was my prayers about .

Okays, 2 more months to go and I'm half done!
Next stop : Sibu
Going to visit my little hometown right after my ass pee am ! :)

Bye readers! take care ^^


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