Cold & Shady Saturday

Yesterday I went to two educational fairs. It was boring for both. I found my two schoolmates there and they were close friends while I was alone :( I just strolled around at first looking like a lost puppy in the drain. I sat down and listen to an "ang moh" talking and I could just nodded and nodded. Sigh, then I went off because the offers were all for overseas and I'm not interested at it because no money to go. HAHAHA

Then, I went to another one which is much better. Also alone, offerings A-level courses and more more . . . I know that to be a DOC everything must be A
I hope I really can get that A+ ~

Back to my own life. Exams lasted for a week already and still one more week to go and then 5 more weeks to go !! This time, I think the most lousy paper that I did is Moral. I know it's going to be a B again. I always hate Moral ! Why the heck that Moral need to be tested theoretically? If it is tested in practically, it's a sure thing that I will get an A+++ there (XD, I am polite and I don't do drug neither skipping school)

Government o government, make it a practically test la. Don't make me suffer because I don't know how to choose values to be included in.

Others were okay . . . and I only found out that I forget to include "Hypothesis is accepted" in paper 3. Suck. The most okay one is Additional Maths ! Now, I know it's far easier than Moral. I would be beaten by my classmates if I say it out loud in the class so I might as well said it here ~

Additional Mathematics is so easy !! but not the probability part. That's my weakness. I must master it before SPM. I want to amaze the examiner with my brilliant brain XD
Well, I know the ratio of getting a boy or a baby girl is always 1:1 if the parents are a male and a female. I don't know about lesbian and gay.

One tip for SPM candidates for AM paper : PRACTICES MAKE PERFECT ! It does work, truly.

English is as easy as ABC. Especially the essay part. I completed in a really really short time. Directed writing only took me 15mins and continous writing only took around 40 mins. I had plenty of time to check my grammar. I was trying to improve my directed writing because I alwasy go around the bush by putting stupid idioms. But it's NOT needed in directed writing. Straight to the point ! You just have to use bombastic words. I already wrote it as direct as possible. I hope the teacher don't penalty me for putting 30 August 1999 as the date =3=

Haha, picture of the day !

I look so fat. Yea, the picture is edited (Contrast + Brightness)
The original one also look pretty as well

So Monday will be Biology then Physics and so on. PMR is going on right now and my brother is having it but right now he's sleeping soundly on the bed. How could he?

On to the next post, Graduation Day !! bye :)
It will be an unforgettable moment of my life ! It should be and I will take thousands or photos but maybe not that much. Hundreds perhaps :/


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