Rainy Friday

Finally the 3 weeks were over! I felt proud+sad at the same time. There is one more tough week to go for me particularly. The toughest subject ever if you aim to get an A+. I already made myself a timetable that I must complete memorising and reading 8 chapters in a day. 3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon and 2 at night. With that, I could finish every chapters by the day before exam.

The most and the foremost thing that I hate the most is that the exam time is placed in the afternoon! Why not morning ?! Argh, stop the shits. Right now, just having a short break before continue my revision. It's not hard that you don't have to think anything to do the answers like addmaths, chemistry. It's just memorising. Wholesome of memorising, truly. I hope I could do well in that. Well, this is just a short, short blog post so that I feel contented. My friends are already on the holiday track while I am still struggling here. What's the fuss about holiday ?! 3 months of holiday so what? I'm going to get my holiday in one week time anyway, so please stop telling the world that you are holidaying because I'm sick of those statuses on facebook whenever I login. Come on, holiday for teenagers are like shits because you guys don't know how to make full use of time. I just wanted to say my dissatisfaction here. Wtf? Anyway, I'm still QUITE happy with the results I have for overall 5 papers 1.

Mathematics - 37/40
History - 37/40
Chemistry - 48/50
Biology - 45/50
Physics - 42/50

The most frustrating paper should be Physics because it's the most that I got it wrong. That's why I should not be an engineer or what so ever things about Boyle's law, Archimedes and bla bla bla. It never dawn on me that I should like that subject but I still want to get an A+. The more you hate the subject, the more you wanted to get an A+. But the most gracious thing is Chemistry! I love it ! The 2 questions that I wronged is also the 2 questions that I doubted and I really got it wrong. Great. Biology, I made 3 corrections and it is supposed to be 48/50. Wtf?! I hate the paper 3 experiment. I think I lost 17/2=8.5% there. This is so sad and doubt that my A+ in Biology is going to be gone. Wtf again?!! I'm really saddened by that paper even though it was the last paper in that 3 weeks. The paper was was was really left me dumbfounded in a BAD way.

I have no comment on History and Mathematics. Only really doubt about my History. How could I get so high? But still, the main component is paper 2. Paper 1s' are just the consolation prize and the 1st prize is the paper 2. Sigh, time to study again ! Bye, going to update something better and interesting next week ! :)

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